Letters To The Editor, 3rd August, 2017

Plastic levy Kirti Patel, Lautoka Far too many people seem to have issues with the 10 cents plastic bag levy. It should be understood we would not have been in
03 Aug 2017 11:37
Letters To The Editor, 3rd August, 2017
Plastic bag

Plastic levy

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

Far too many people seem to have issues with the 10 cents plastic bag levy.

It should be understood we would not have been in this situation, if we had been careful with the environment, keeping in mind the effects of plastic bags and other rubbish being dumped illegally in various areas.

We all have to pay the price because of the carelessness of some people. Cautiousness has to come from within.

Let’s just hope this changing trend makes a positive impact and the mindset of some people really changes. It is long overdue.


Plastic bag option

Pramesh Sharma, Suva

Congratulations on the excellent initiative to levy 10 cents per plastic bag for any shopper.

This is definitely a start towards combating pollution and protecting the environment.

What options are presented by the supermarkets, service stations and other retail outlets to shoppers to put their goods in apart from the plastic bags?

Should there be an incentive offered for biodegradible bags or a 10c discount if you don’t ask for a plastic bag?

If we are serious about pollution and environmental issues the Government should set a timeline to ban the plastic bags completely!

This will force everyone to consider alternate and better environmentally safe options.

Also we hope the 10c levy is monitored and the revenue generated is utilised for environmental issues and not simply be part of the consolidated revenue bucket.


Rape statistics

Ravneel Sharma, Suva

It’s high time that family members and religious leaders highlight rape cases at community meetings and other gatherings.

The statistics recently released by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions stated that the majority of the rape cases involved family members.

I urge community members to raise awareness about this social ill so that we don’t see our beloved children falling victim to rape.



Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

I am just wondering if the company responsible for the old E-ticket cards will reimburse the money to people who actually paid for the E-ticket cards.

Imagine the thousands that was made by a company from the e-ticket cards that was never used!


Rental discrimination

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

It is good to read that the Fiji Humans Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission have condemned the alleged action of a landlord in refusing a woman to rent his Nadi flat because of her ethnicity (Fiji Sun 28/1).

This is an ongoing issue in Fiji and the publicity given to this one case will in no way improve the current discrimination affecting the rental housing business.

Rental discrimination can only be curbed if there was a body where all landlords were registered and those needing a place to rent were placed through this body.


Dan, the man!

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

The other night, when we were only into our second basin, suddenly Dan Urai stood up and said: “I have to go home because I miss my wife.”

Well, if all men were like Dan, the divorce rate would drop dramatically.

Then again, he is a unionist so I’d rather believe Allen’s fragrant stories.

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