Letters To The Editor, 4th August, 2017

Plastic bags Manoah Kaleca,  Nakasi I am happy that the Government has taken the initiative to charge people who want to use plastic bags in shops and supermarkets. This is
04 Aug 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 4th August, 2017

Plastic bags

Manoah Kaleca,  Nakasi

I am happy that the Government has taken the initiative to charge people who want to use plastic bags in shops and supermarkets.

This is a great way to stop people from using plastic bags. They constitute most of the garbage we see lying around in creeks, foreshore, parks and by the roads. It will either force people to bring their own bags or use alternative methods.

The only problem is that the levy for these plastic bags is only 10 cents. This, really, will have no effect on shoppers who have money to throw around.

Maybe increasing the levy would probably do the trick, in the longer run.  Just a thought!

Plastic bag windfall

Norman Yee, Nadi

Since the Government did not enunciate its plastic bag policy properly many small shops and restaurants without a point of sale (POS) are making a windfall from this omission.

One bread shop wanted to charge me a plastic bag for my pies but I refused, and pointed out that their action was illegal, but they were surprised.

In another shop, there was a large sign stating they will charge for a plastic bag. There was also disbelief when I pointed out that they did not have a point of sale and hence their action was illegal.

Might I suggest the Commerce Commission, Consumer Council of Fiji and the Fiji Revenue Customs Services send a team out to every small shop and put them right. Otherwise, many ignorant citizens would be caught out.

As for me, I have learnt to keep a few plastic bags in my pocket for such contingencies.

Traffic statistics

Ravneel Sharma, Suva

It is very surprising to see the statistics released by the Land Transport Authority regarding the issuing of traffic infringement notices under the ‘Operation Tatarovi lll’.

Speeding and careless driving recorded the highest, which clearly depicts that drivers are not following traffic laws while driving.

I urge all motorists to drive safely on our roads so that beautiful innocent lives are not lost because of negligence by the drivers.

Dump fire

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

When the Lautoka rubbish dump was on fire almost everyone was blaming the Lautoka City Council.

Most people didn’t know how the fire started and I am sure nobody came forward to help. It’s easy for our people to point a finger but nobody came forward to help.

The fire was actually started by a few people for reasons best known to them. It was never burnt to control the rubbish at the dump.

The Lautoka rubbish dump has different sections and it has different sections for different types of waste. The reduce, reuse and the recycling motto is always used by the council’s health department.

While I agree that the fire should have been avoided, I do not agree with people blaming the council for the fire.

I hope the people of Lautoka will realise the situation, and in the future come forward to help instead of sitting on the sideline and criticising.


Sukha Singh, Labasa

Can the Government do something about diapers too?

Plastic bags in the Labasa River broke the shaft of my 40-horse power outboard motor engine, but the diapers have made me stop eating the fish and crabs from the river.

My friends who eat the fish from the river say they like the fat in the fish and crabs from the river.

Nadroga’s case

Donald Singh, Lautoka

If the ‘Stallions’ have won the protest, then they should defend the HFC Bank Farebrother Challenge Trophy this weekend.

However, if the good man Tiko Matawalu cites a “gentleman’s agreement” that allows Suva to keep the trophy, then we the ardent Nadroga rugby fans must stomach it.

Now, to the more serious side of things; Fiji Rugby Union, please allow Nadroga to make the final challenge for the HFC Bank Farebrother Challenge Trophy against whoever wins the final challenge match. Then only will everything fall into perspective. While the gentleman Matawalu makes a gentleman’s agreement, we must put up a voice for their cause.

Let’s see how many support my suggestion.

To make it clearer, the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation can have the question as part of their weekly online poll. The question will be: “Should Nadroga be allowed to play the final challenge match of the season?”

Numbers will make the difference clearer, or whatever you may call it.

Go Nadro!

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