Letters To The Editor, 19th August, 2017

Keep religion out Taitusi Sokiveta ,Phoenix, Arizona, USA Methodist schools in Fiji should allow any teacher to become principal or teach at their schools despite their religious beliefs as long
19 Aug 2017 11:02
Letters To The Editor, 19th August, 2017

Keep religion out

Taitusi Sokiveta ,Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Methodist schools in Fiji should allow any teacher to become principal or teach at their schools despite their religious beliefs as long as the teacher is qualified and a law abiding citizen and has a good standing in our community.

When I first attended Saraswati College in 1968 my principal was Noor Dean, a Muslim. My history teacher was I.B Kuli, a Methodist. My book-keeping teacher was Sharma, a Hindu. My lab chemistry teacher was George Sale, a Catholic who later became Fiji’s first manager of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Every morning the Hindu priest came and we sang the Hindu prayer in Hindi on parade before classes.

I remember the Hindi prayer by heart to this day and I also speak Hindi.

It did not change my religion or interfere with my beliefs even though the teachers belonged to a different religion or Christian denomination. In fact it became a great blessing to me because my knowledge became international.

I speak Hindi to surgeons and doctors from India at St Joseph hospital and medical centre Phoenix, Arizona, and my religion is still the same; a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

Traffic Roundabouts

Satish Nakched, Suva

The work of the road engineers must be commended for carrying out the feasibility studies and coming with the solutions of constructing the roundabouts at the CWM Hospital end of the Waimanu Road.

This was the most confused road intersection and many drivers had difficulties in interpreting and understanding the road rules there.

I also ask the Fiji Roads Authority to conduct another feasibility study with the view of constructing another roundabout at the Ratu Dovi Road and the Yasiyasi Road junction.

The roads mentioned are very busy during the peak hours and without the Police support especially in the mornings this becomes a hazardous spot and a danger to the populous residential area.

During the adverse weather the risk is greater and the misunderstanding and the drivers stress has been a contributing factor to the many road mishaps.

I believe the concept of the roundabout is the way to go as studies conducted in the other countries have shown that roundabouts are safer than traditional stop signs or signal-controlled intersections.

The roundabout on roads have many positives and  help reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions as  drivers must slow down and yield to traffic before entering a roundabout.

The few collisions that occur in roundabouts are typically minor and cause few injuries since they occur at such low speeds. Roads entering a roundabout are gently curved to direct drivers into the intersection and help them travel counter clockwise.

The curved roads and one way travel around the roundabout eliminate the possibility for an accident and improve the visibility of the drivers.

The roundabouts promote a continuous flow of traffic and the motorists are not required to stop at the traffic lights  but have to only if there are vehicles approaching from the right hand side.

In this method the intersection can handle more traffic in the same amount of time. The cost difference between building a roundabout and a traffic signal is comparable.

Where long term costs are considered, roundabouts eliminate hardware, maintenance and electrical costs associated with traffic signals and are not subject to any hurricane or cyclone damages and are more effective during power outages.

Apart from Nadera other locations must be considered for the construction of roundabouts for an efficient, effective and a safer intersections in Fiji.

Thank you for TELS

Parmesh Prasad, Suva

I am a 37-year-old father of two daughters. Now I am working towards my MBA.

Because we did not have any scheme such as the Tertiary Education Loan Scheme, soon after high school I had to start paid employment.

Young Fijians these days are very lucky to have TELS for them. Things were much more difficult back when we were fresh out of high school. If TELS or a similar scheme was available twenty years ago, a lot of youths would have been leading a completely different life today. Make the most of this.

Everyone’s job

Mahendra Sen, Navua

Keeping Fiji litter free is not the job of Government. It is our job as responsible citizens of this country to keep Fiji clean

Move away from the disgusting habit of throwing out rubbish from your cars or buses. Treat public places as you would treat your home

Merit is best

Daya Wati,Nausori

It is not right for the Methodist Church in Fiji to ask for Methodist heads for its schools. We need to have competent teachers and heads of schools rather than hiring one because he or she is from the same denomination.

It is not right for Sanatan Schools or Arya Schools or Catholic Schools either. This is where we need merit based appointments.

Policies needed

Sanita Prasad, Suva

Where are the policies Biman? We are getting tired of the rhetoric.

Dumb idea

Sovaia Pace, Sydney

Jale Baba is back and this time he is in the  SODELPA camp. His slogan on social media is Make Fiji Great Again, no doubt stealing this from Donald Trump’s #MAGA or Make America Great Again campaign.

Really Jale? You can do better than using the slogan of America’s dumbest President. Trump is not the smartest cookie in the cookie jar.

Careless drivers

Michael Mon Chambers,  Lautoka

I have come to the conclusion that we have some of the worst drivers on our roads.

They don’t signal when crossing lanes, they do not follow the right hand rule, they honk unnecessarily, they constantly have their headlights on, they drive like there is no tomorrow and they stick their hands out without thinking of the risks for themselves and other road users.

What could be causing this unwarranted behaviour?  Are the driving schools not teaching them these rules?  Is LTA not doing enough to curb these attitudes or does it all come down to the individual drivers themselves?  Let me know what you think Fiji. Vinaka.


Joji .O. Toronibau, Cakaudrove

We find a war-of-words between North Korea and the United States. It is a heated debate plus fierce rivalry of heated words between these two great nations almost going into a war [armed to the teeth] at the edge of a full scale war. I hope it does not happen.

If it does it is likely to ‘spill over’.Brinkmanship is using fear tactics and intimidation as strategies to make the opposing faction back down.

What a world!

Plastic Bag Levy

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

I would like to call the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Consumer Council of Fiji to please kindly investigate all shops and supermarkets around Fiji if they have deducted the price of plastic bags that is always normally factored into their price of goods purchased from their shops.

It is normal practice of the past and is a well-known fact to all consumers that plastic bags given to every customer at the cashier are never free and have been paid for by them in their purchase and I do sincerely hope that there is no double dipping by these business houses.

A positive initiative by the Fijian Government as we now can slowly see proactive responsible Fijians taking their own shopping bags to the store, a slow death to these plastic nuisances

Imagine Us People

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

The Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather boxing match on August 26 is being dubbed a cracker and sell-out match. The clock is ticking.

This time around Mayweather will not have the height and reach advantage which he used to exploit Manny Pacquiao. In only a few days, boxing fans are likely to converge to the nearest television sets if they cannot afford the expensive tickets.

Will it be triumph for Conor McGregor or victory yet gain for Floyd Mayweather? All in all, this fight is expected to generate revenue beyond US$72 Million.

Imagine us people. We pay so  much just to watch two men punch each other up before one is knocked out or beaten up by the other.

For now, I am banking on the experience of Floyd Mayweather as he certainly would want to extend his unbeaten record.

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