Flick Anticimex Appoints New Group GM

  Flick Anticimex (Amalgamated Pest Control) has taken a major leap in the industry with the appointment of  Azeez Batcha Nazeer Ahamed from India as its new Group general manager.
26 Aug 2017 11:00
Flick Anticimex Appoints New Group GM
Azeez Batcha Nazeer Ahamed, the Flick Anticimex (Amalgamated Pest Control) Group general manager.


Flick Anticimex (Amalgamated Pest Control) has taken a major leap in the industry with the appointment of  Azeez Batcha Nazeer Ahamed from India as its new Group general manager.

Mr. Ahamed is an Entomologist with over 25 years of experience in the field of Pest control, fumigation, scientific storage of dry staples and Bio-decontamination.

His knowledge extends to Biology and ecology of vectors, storage and food processing, structural and rodent pests, knowledge and application of pesticides and their effects and hazards to animal and plant life.

Mohammed Tazim, managing director of Flick Anticimex (Amalgamated Pest Control) said: “Having Mr Nazeer here in Fiji means that we are the only Pest Control Company in Fiji that has a full time Entomologist on board to serve our customers when the need arises.”

“An expert in his field and with years of experience he brings to the industry a level of excellence at an international level.”



Mr. Ahamed started his career as a Quality Assurance manager for a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in India.

He said in his last job, he was heading over 44 branches throughout India managing over 400 professionals for one of the world’s leading integrated commodity and collateral management firm.

Why did he decide to move to a country like Fiji? Mr. Ahamed said he is a person who loves a good challenge.

“When my life back in India was getting a bit monotonous, I thought moving international would give me that edge,” he said.

“Just a few interactions with Mohammed Tazim, managing director of Flick Anticimex (Amalgamated Pest Control), was enough to convince me to make the move to Fiji and join hands with this wonderful and talented team.

“I could envision the plans of growth Mr. Tazim had for his firm and I was sure of its growth and I personally wanted to be part of that journey along with the team.

“But the location ‘Fiji’ also had a large influence on my decision. Who would miss chance to work in this very beautiful country.”

Mr. Ahamed describes Fiji as: “Amazing! It’s indeed is a paradise on Earth. The people of Fiji have heart of Gold and have been helpful and inviting towards me and my family from the day we got here.

“My family is extremely thankful for the hospitality and we hope to return the favor by helping with the betterment of the country in any small way possible.”


Visions for the firm

Mr. Ahamed stressed his vision for this firm was to become the leader in the respective industry (i.e. Pest control, fumigation and hygiene and sanitation service).

“We are already in the ladder for continuous development and we keep updating ourselves with new knowledge and technologies to be the best in the industry,” he said.

“This will enable us to solve any concerns of our clients and in turn serve them better and exceed their expectations.

“The satisfaction of our clients is very important for me and my team and thus we take every concern with utmost seriousness and put it as highest priority to solve them.”


New innovations or improvement

Mr. Ahamed indicated there are quite a lot of improvement in the pipeline.

“To highlight a few, firstly, we are planning to introduce and all natural bio-compatible integrated programme to solve one of the largest concerns of poultry industry,” he said.

“Another big improvement which is slowly rolling in, is geared to the fact that the Australia based ‘Amalgamated Pest control’ has been acquired by Flick Anticimex and thus we have proudly gone truly global with this acquisition.

“This would enable us with worldwide access of knowledge, support and state of the art technology.”

“One such big improvement brought on by FLICK ANTICIMEX is the introduction of Smart box technology which is a Live web based reporting system for monitoring rodents activity and catches.”

“We are also planning to introduce Bio-Decontamination services for blood banks, operation theatres, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, food industry etc.”




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