Letters To The Editor, 3rd September 2017

Adi Laufitu Salabogi Malani Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona The passing away of Laufitu, the name we were used to her on Bau Island as kids,   was really shocking to me,
03 Sep 2017 10:07
Letters To The Editor, 3rd September 2017

Adi Laufitu Salabogi Malani

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona

The passing away of Laufitu, the name we were used to her on Bau Island as kids,   was really shocking to me, because she was five years younger than me.

But then I have never seen her in a very long time.

Laufitu on Bau Island in the 60s was such a cute kid, always happy and smiling.

Bau Island came alive during the Christmas holidays.

When kids from Queen Victoria School, Ratu Kadavulevu School, Ratu Sukuna.   Memorial, Lelean, Levuka Public School and schools from all over came to spend their holidays on Bau.

Every night we had dances and when kids were shy to dance when the music came on the adults would call on Laufitu and she was not ashamed of anyone.

Sometimes she would dance by herself.

Back then the twist was popular and Laufitu created her own version.

She would swing her hands left but when it came back she would swing it straight up.

So the Bauan kids gave her a nickname, Laufitu Sokiuto because when she swang her hands right it looked like she was holding a bamboo pole and picking breadfruits.

I remember her mum would visit my late grandmother Di Vuti for a haircut before they had a hairdo salon.

For women my grandmother was the main hairdresser for all the women on Bau Island.

In those days it was free to get haircuts for women and men got theirs on New Year’s Eve.

Laufitu and her sister Senirewa and all the kids on Bau Island led by two grey haired old ladies Grandma Sereana and Grandmother Raceva would beat on tin cans or empty bottles and walk from one side of the village to the other then return to the other side.

And every house we passed they gave us something as a gift early New Year’s morning.

Then we would swim to a coral island called Nailusi and back to Bau Island.

There was so much activity on Bau Island during the holidays because all the kids out-numbered the adults.

When there no dances all the kids would gather in the main village ground and we would play this game in iTaukei called veibuka or firewood in English.

Laufitu was always in the middle of all the activity.

Ratu Sir Jone  Kikau’s son came from New Zealand for the holidays and he introduced a new type of dance.

Ratu Etuate Kikau showed us the new moves. The next night, Laufitu was doing the dance.

We all joined in and learned this new dance.

Ratu  Meli Salabogi was the Assistant Roko Tui Tailevu and the whole family lived on Bau Island also.

Back in those days, Bau Island had more Fijian administrators and Members of   Parliament than any other village in Fiji then.

Ratu Meli Salabogi, Laufitu’s dad, became Roko  Tui Ra, my late father became his Assistant Roko Tui Ra.

When Ratu Meli Salabogi became a Senator in  Parliament, my dad took over his job as Roko Tui Ra.

The whole  Malani family were so full of love and always happy.

Dr  Malani, his brother, was a brilliant doctor.

He treated me many times when I got sick.

The reason why Laufitu became successful was because she came from a family that perceived success and achievement second nature.

Dr Malani has two sons who are now doctors themselves.

Adi Laufiti Salabogi Malani, I will always miss your smile and my condolences to Adi  Titilia Maramanikaibau, Malani  Tikoca,  Adi  Asinate Senirewa Tikoca, Laufitu’s elder sister Senirewa and the whole Malani family in their sorrow and grief.



Nitin Prasad, Suva

Littering has become one of the major concerns in our towns and cities.

Despite the many years of awareness, anti-litter campaigns on proper rubbish disposal people are still seen littering.

People should make an effort to put their rubbish in the bins provided and not throw them anywhere they want.

We should work together with Government and keep our towns and citys clean and tidy.

I believe if people see litter  thrown out of vehicles, intentionally or accidentally, take down the following information – licence plate number, colour of vehicle, date and time, location, who tossed the litter, and what was tossed or take photos or videos of people littering and report the matter immediately to the relevant authorities.

If you see someone litter, tell them to stop.

Tell them that what they are doing is wrong and we will change the mentalities of people.



Kirti Patel, Lautoka

I would like to congratulate all the newly admitted legal practitioners who have finally achieved their dreams.

So many years of hard work and persistence has finally shown glowing colours. It must not have been easy studying that depth in law and a lot of effort and time is required for this noble profession.

Many students have sacrificed so much to reach here today.

With so much hope and excitement this participants swore to do their work very diligently.

The profession is such where the lives of many will be in their hands, based on their best ability in resolving cases.

So many hopes will be from people with these lawyers.

Let’s hope they will deliver to their best and continue to realise the reason behind their profession.

Congratulations are in order for all specially my cousin, Divyasha Patel.

Good to have a lawyer in the family. Please, always do remember the future of your clients may depend on you with their full trust.

It should not be about money making only but rather serving with best possible tactics. May God bless all of you.

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