Fugavai And Maria Tie The Knot

August 24, 2017 would forever be etched as one of the happiest days for Fijian Pearls vice-captain Maria Lutua. This was the day she exchanged marriage vows with Corporal Fugavai
04 Sep 2017 17:34
Fugavai And Maria Tie The Knot
Fijian Pearls netball vice-captain Maria Lutua and her husband Corporal Fugavai Rusivakula with their bridesmaids and best men at their wedding reception at the Warwick Fiji Resort and Spa in Korolevu on August 24, 2017. Photo: Waisea Nasokia

August 24, 2017 would forever be etched as one of the happiest days for Fijian Pearls vice-captain Maria Lutua. This was the day she exchanged marriage vows with Corporal Fugavai Rusivakula.

The wedding held at the Coral Coast was witnessed by relatives and friends and their union was blessed by the Archbishop Peter Loy Chong at the Saint Peters Chanel Catholic Church in Korolevu.

The reception was hosted at the Warwick Fiji Resort and Spa.

According to Ms Lutua she first met her husband randomly in Suva on Christmas 2012 thanks to one of her cousins.

Three years later again in Suva, Corporal Rusivakula popped the question and asked her to be his wife.

“This is one of the happy days where our families in jovial mood,” the Nakama, Macuata native said.

“I thank Netball Fiji for their support and allowing me to be part of this day and looking forward to the national duties. We have postponed our honeymoon until the end of the year due to work and netball commitment,” the 28-year-old said.

Corporal Rusivakula hails from Namuka, Bau, in Tailevu and has maternal links to Tonga.

He is the uncle of netball sensations sisters Afa, Ana and Maliana Rusivakula who reside in Lautoka.

“She still has a long way in her career, and netball is still her priority at the moment and will always support her,” said Corporal Rusivakula said.

He is thankful to finally wed his soulmate and looks forward to their life together.

He admitted that he was a big fan of Ms Lutua when it came to netball.

He resides in England since he joined the British Army in 2002. His duty has taken him all over the world in countries in Central America and in South East Asia.



One on one with the bride and groom

How did you two first meet and was it love at first sight? And how long were you dating?

Corporal Rusivakula: We met through a friend, which happen to be her cousin in Suva in December 2012. Once we got in to the swing of things, relationship-wise even though it was distance all this time but we manage to get to this far.

Ms Lutua: Yes, love at first site.

When and where did he pop the question and what was the feeling like?

Corporal Rusivakula: Initially it was a bit difficult and as the years went by then it went smooth so it was then an easy Yes! I popped the question in December, 2015.

How did the planning for the big day go?

Corporal Rusivakula: Planning for the big day was all over the place because Maria was playing in Australia and I was based in Brunei, Borneo, but we were lucky that her sister was doing all the co-ordination for us.

We have a very supportive family members helping us when we both in overseas.

Would you explain both your attire on the big day and was there a theme?

Corporal Rusivakula: My attire is Tongan traditional wedding attire because my mum is Tongan. I want to represent my Mum on my special day. My dad is from Namuka, Bau, Tailevu. It was all prepared by my family in Tonga.

Ms Lutua: Well for mine obviously it was designed by the Beautiful Tabuadrau Designs by designer Adi Vuya Ratabua. (See our fashion page for more on Adi Vuya Ratabua)

How many bridesmaids and best men did you have?

Ms Lutua: I have six bridesmaids and he had five best men

What would be the highlight for both of you during the big day?

Corporal Rusivakula: It’s quite emotional because of the connection within the family, but I believe the highlight is the blessing of our marriage was done by the Archbishop of Fiji.

What are your plans for the honeymoon?

Ms Lutua: Well at the moment he has to go back to work and I will have to go back to mine so we’ve got plans for the honeymoon, but not yet. It will be at the end of the Year.

Who do you two want to thank for your big day and who is both your greatest inspiration?

Corporal Rusivakula: My mum was my big inspiration, because before she passed away she had a big heart and that is why I wanted to wear the attire to represent her.

I would like to thank Maggie, her big sister, for co-ordinating with all the wedding plans with Warwick and my sister back in Waila, Topa since she was being very supportive.

What is your advice to couples out there getting ready to get married?

Corporal Rusivakula: For us it was easy and we’ve been dating for almost six years so we have been living far apart in distance.

I live in England and she stays here in Fiji and we only see each other on Christmas and if we are lucky we’ll see each other two times in one year. So if you have the feeling that you have your soulmate then you can do it.

What are you most looking forward in your new journey as a married couple?

Corporal Rusivakula: She has a lot of time in her career to still pursue netball, but I believe a family and having children will be really fun. So yes netball is still okay.

Tell us about your dream career in netball.

Ms Lutua: This is another achievement in my career and another successful year. I’ve got a very supportive husband who is still allowing me to play and whenever I happen to start to have children then that’s where it is.

But as for now the will to play is still there.

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