Letters To The Editor, 4th September, 2017

It’s lingo, not mental Narayan Reddy, Lautoka I agree with our Attorney-General when he commented that it has been brought to his attention about the etiquette behaviour of some magistrates.
04 Sep 2017 11:30
Letters To The Editor, 4th September, 2017

It’s lingo, not mental

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

I agree with our Attorney-General when he commented that it has been brought to his attention about the etiquette behaviour of some magistrates.

Recently, one of my workers was accused of an incident where he was arrested, charged and went to trial. However, my worker can’t speak the Bauan dialect. During the trial the court clerk could not really communicate with him.

I wanted to inform the court clerk that the accused could not speak or understand the Bauan dialect, but I was told to sit down. Then, the accused was to be sent for a psychiatrist evaluation at the Saint Giles Hospital in Suva.

My worker is not mentally ill in anyway. He is uneducated and was sent to the remand centre. Had the foreign magistrate asked if the boy understood the Bauan dialect he could have understood the situation.

I believe when foreign magistrates come they should, at least, do six months of training on Fijian culture, language and about the people. I am just speaking from experience and this is one area where I feel the judicial system can be improved.



Change the small things first

Shariff Shah,  Savusavu

Football has been played in Fiji since 1938.

Can our good football chief executive honestly advise the soccer loving public of this nation, on the following:

             when will players be provided with dug outs or a roof over the reserve benches?;

             when will our “flip flop” wearing children who act as ball boys will ever get a dress code with soccer boots and shin pads?;

             when will our “flip flop and cap” wearing coaches will have dress codes and look smart and not grog doped?;

             when will 90 minutes soccer be stopped in tournaments so that we don’t “murder” our players by playing five games, one per day, on every single day?; and

             when will we get seat numbers printed on our tickets?

Since 1938, nothing has changed. I know the good CEO watches the English Premier every weekend. In case you don’t sir, please do. At the same time learn and take into consideration the above queries.

The Inter-District Championship (IDC) is just around the corner. Introduce the above and you will make history. Change the small things first, please. The world ranking will follow.



Solutions needed to climate upheaval

Neelz Singh,  Lami

This is such a trending issue when the entire world is being exploited with carbon emissions, global temperature, sea level and other gases are on the rise.

There have been many articles also published on climate change.

How to combat such a global problem where hundreds of islands, bigger countries or major continents exist on Earth is a concern.

The flooding in Texas, USA, and in many Indian states and Bangladesh are some climate change effects. Other countries are facing heat waves or some are facing rising sea levels. Global pollution is not only impacting humans, but the animals suffer the consequences as well.

Nothing is stable, including the solar system. Blame solar warming where the entire solar system is heating up! What can be done remains the question?



Over 80 baptised

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Suva

More than 80 Fijians, the majority being young people and students of the University of the South Pacific, chose to be baptized and be part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This is after three weeks of the free Bible study live stream seminar titled: Revelation of Hope, conducted by Pastor Taj Pacleb.

More people who have been studying live every night in various centres around Fiji through live stream, who have decided to follow Jesus through water baptism will increase the baptismal numbers in the coming weeks.

It is encouraging to see young people make a stand to live holy lives and be model Fijian citizens as they allow God to transform and empower them in their daily walk with God.

For Fiji to be the way the world should be, I believe that we as a nation need to put God, evidenced by the formation of Christ’s character in our lives.

The internet is full of reports of unexplained events happening around the world and some people are predicting the end of the world.

In Christ, we not only become better citizens of Fiji but if this world does end, we have the assurance that those in Christ will spend eternity with Him.



Integrate money tranfers

Utiko Nabunobuno, Tailevu

With all the hype about e-transport cards and all other electronic payment platforms like bank access cards and M-Paisa, I understand Vodafone will be quite busy trying to see that all systems work in the advent of and demand for new technology.

One suggestion I put forward through this column a few years ago and which I would like to reiterate is for Vodafone to link its recharge cards and M-Paisa platforms. For instance, if I want to transfer money to someone on the other side of the island through M-Paisa, I will have to wait for the agency to open to be able to deposit the money and then use it. Likewise, the drawer of the money has to go through the same process.

While there are limited M-Paisa agents who may not be available at our convenience, recharge cards are in abundance. Suppose my brother is stuck somewhere in the middle of the highway and wants to pay for fuel, I want to be able to purchase a recharge card and send it to his phone, and he should be able to withdraw it as cash.

I know it seems stupid, but something can be done.

After all, the money is within the same network and could take various forms, attracting the appropriate fees.

In this age of information, convenience is the buzz word.

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