Letters To The Editor, 06th September 2017

Overtime lesson ET Smith,  Suva Before people start attacking the issues of teachers not paid overtime, a short history lesson for you. Teachers were never paid overtime. Please do not
06 Sep 2017 09:22
Letters To The Editor, 06th September 2017

Overtime lesson

ET Smith,  Suva

Before people start attacking the issues of teachers not paid overtime, a short history lesson for you. Teachers were never paid overtime.

Please do not make this a political issue. Let’s rejoice the fact that some hardworking nurses are getting paid for their hard work. This is commendable. Well done AG.

Now let’s sit back and wait for Opposition parties to politicise this.


Dirty Beach Turns People Away

Leba AhabiYA Halofaki  , Suva

The picture of piles of rubbish and animal carcasses dumped at Wailoaloa beach, Nadi in the Monday Fiji Sun (4/09/2017) is deplorable.

We may ask the question as to who does the monitoring of keeping the beachfront clean and rubbish bins and waste receptacles available and maintained in this area.

Where is the sense of shared social responsibility and caring to keep Fiji beautiful by people who have dumped the rubbish there?

There is so much publicity during beauty pageants around our country where the beauty queens and kings say they want to make a positive difference in our communities.

May I suggest that proper waste management starting with a day of community work cleaning up rubbish from beachfronts such as shown in Wailoaloa beach be part of the activities that the queens and kings candidates can do to get Fiji serious about these unsightly situations?

I believe the Nadi Bula Festival has just finished not long ago; this can be a post-festival activity now and continue until the new lot of candidates comes in next year.

This is not only for Nadi but for all the towns and cities around Fiji.

We bow our heads with shame seeing such pictures showing gaps in our communities’ responsibilities. Let us not point fingers but quietly organise ourselves to clean up the mess.

Let us declare a National Solid Waste Management Day in Fiji where such activities can take place.


Teachers and Human Rights

Mohammed Sahid, Nausori

I was talking to some concerned parents regarding exam results for school students and was surprised when one old timer said “Looks like the teachers are teaching more children’s human rights then is normally taught”.

Can that be the reason parents can’t discipline their children?

One time my Year Six son told me ‘ “Dad don’t tell me what I am supposed to be because my teacher told me that I can decide what I want to do”.

Boy, I replied you might as well stay at your teacher’s house.

Can the so called children’s rights be blamed when young kids end up on the wrong side of the law?

I might be right!


Nawaikula support

Sovaia Pace,  Sydney

I saw somewhere on Facebook SODELPA’s Niko Nawaikula showing support at the sedition case accused currently underway in Lautoka. Was his visit endorsed by SODELPA Leaders – both from inside and outside Parliament?


False Accusations

Samuela Rareba,  Suva

Vastly rising to the top of the list as one of the major crimes in the country is rape and the main culprit is mostly the males of close relatives to the victims. Just looking at this from another angle, I always wonder as to what actually happens to those females or so-called victims of rape that falsely report that they were raped.

Does the relevant authority take action and charge those that lied about being raped.

Just thinking about it, this so-called victim ruins the reputation of those that they falsely accuse and not only that, they waste money, time & resources put in for the investigation just to find out that they were lying.

A harsher penalty should be charged for these culprits so that people do not repeat this type of insane behavior just because they don’t like that particular person.


Ministers at Religious event

Premila Singh,  Suva

Two Government Ministers attending a religious festival.

It’s all about perspective, either see the glass half full or half empty. Thank you Attorney-General and Madam Rosy Akbar for taking time out to attend a religious festival to discuss issues with Fijian citizens. Only losers make everything about race and religion. As my granddaughter says Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.


Brothel and Prostitution

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Suva

Fiji’s law prohibits prostitution but it seems that operating a brothel is more sinful than those who sell their bodies on our streets through pimps or self display.

I believe that no one is above the law and we are all on a level playing field. If the police crack down on brothels then the same zeal and efforts should be used to clean up and rid our streets of the world’s oldest profession.

The Government and NGO’s should be prepared to cater or offer another form of earning an income to those hauled in; if it is serious in cleaning Fiji of this vice.


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