Letters To The Editor, September 11th 2017

Reply to shed at Taveuni & Natuvu Ismail Yusuf, Deuba Shariff Shah’s letter on September 10, 2017, in The Sun, needs all the backing and support for a decent all
11 Sep 2017 09:48
Letters To The Editor, September 11th 2017
Prem Singh

Reply to shed at Taveuni & Natuvu

Ismail Yusuf, Deuba

Shariff Shah’s letter on September 10, 2017, in The Sun, needs all the backing and support for a decent all weather waiting shed and provision of convenience for both sexes including the always neglected handicapped citizens.

In the 1970s there were if I am not wrong one Chaudhary Hans Raj who lived past the present jetty and the other was Nanka Prasad of Loa, both from Buca Bay. These two were boat builders, engineers and also owners/captains of their ferry boats, who had family members or retired captains to do daily runs from Natuvu/Waiyevo/Natuvu. They provided valuable services to the general public and mind you they also met the requirements of the Marine Department as far as safety etcetera. Savusavu had marine inspectors who were appointed by the Marine Department to inspect and pass the vessels.

I understand there are three ferry companies operating carrying trucks, cars, cargo and passengers by the 100’s almost every day. Some 40-47 years have gone and the frequency, number of passengers and cargo have dramatically increased.

The Ministers with their busy schedules fly Suva/Taveuni/Suva and that could be a reason for an oversight, but what about the local District Officer, Provincial Administrator, Road Supervisor who also check the jetties and landings? You apply for a small tea-room licence the Health Inspector will ask where the toilets are.

Despite being on the wet side of Fiji, I am certain that whoever is the Minister in charge will look into this important issue immediately (why I said that because they all read the Fiji Sun) and the travelling people of Taveuni would not have to wait till the next election.

Have faith in the present Government; what they have done speaks for itself. Dry provisions are around the corner thus helping Mr Shah not to get wet and slip into the bushes.


Calling the PM

Liti Kini, Sydney

It is great that people can reach out to the Prime Minister when they have issues but this in no way should encourage people to take advantage. Rule of law and rules should be equal for all and people need to know and respect that.


Decisions of Youths

Shivneel Chandra, Tavua

As a secondary school student, I would like to raise my concerns on the decisions and behavior of youths nowadays.

A comprehensive number of reports have been published in the Fiji Sun pertaining to the unproductive decisions made by youngsters leading to impending tragedies. The problem is the disability in making wise and logical decisions on what to do and what not to do.

Therefore, in simple words all the youngsters need to learn how to undertake certain actions with a clear view of all the related pros and cons by considering the circumstances prevailing at that moment with a feel of the consequences in the long run.

It is the prime job of parents, grandparents, and most essentially teachers to instill fundamental values and decision making skills in the young and growing minds and uplift the level of maturity to avoid looming situations and safeguard the interests of people and society at large.


Supporting Prem Singh

Premila Singh, Suva

I agree with Geeta Pillay who had written in this column about Prem Singh. From the current lot of NFP people, Prem Singh stands out for his leadership. A lot of people were surprised that he was not chosen to lead the Party, after all, he has a better track record on being in Parliament compared to BC Prasad


Sugar Ratio

Vilitati Seru, Suva

I want to congratulate the Fiji Sugar Corporation for the excellent Tonnes Cane to Tonnes Sugar ratio (TCTS) in their three sugar mills.

I note that both Labasa and Rarawai are on 9.8 while Lautoka Mill is at 8.8 TCTS.

This is a huge leap from a TCTS of 14.0 ten years ago. Please keep it up.


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