Letters To The Editor, September 14th 2017

Gavoka Unique Bodies Query Rajeev Sharma, Canberra, Australia Hold on Mr Gavoka. According to the Fiji Sun (12/09), it is reported that you claimed “It is difficult to accept that
14 Sep 2017 11:28
Letters To The Editor, September 14th 2017
Biman Prasad

Gavoka Unique Bodies Query

Rajeev Sharma, Canberra, Australia

Hold on Mr Gavoka.

According to the Fiji Sun (12/09), it is reported that you claimed “It is difficult to accept that all other bodies unique to all communities remain intact, but only the GCC (Great Concil of Chiefs) has been abolished.”

I have immense respect for you and hold you in very high regard. For these reasons, I challenge you to disclose: What are these “bodies’ unique to all other communities”, and what are these “communities” that you have referred to?

I’m waiting.

What for?

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

With all due respect to SODELPA Opposition Member, Viliame Gavoka, his suggestion that they will bring the GCC (Great Council of Chiefs) back should they get in power after the 2018 General Election (Fiji Sun 12/9), is not a wise decision.

Up front, the majority of voters who gave their one vote for the FijiFirst Party in 2014 would be asking, “What for?”

Their vote for the FijiFirst Party is also the vote against the re-institution of the Great Council of Chiefs.

So those thinking of jumping ship may not do so because they do not want the GCC reinstated.

We all love and respect our chiefs and believe that they are called to be leaders in our individual villages and vanua and they are currently doing a good job of it.

The FijiFirst Party have been running the nation and doing a fantastic job of it without the GCC.

The big money set aside every year to run the GCC could be better used to improve the lives of Fijians struggling to survive on a daily basis.

What’s the problem?

Spencer Robinson, Suva

An article by Jyoti Pratibha (FS 12/9) titled “Bainimarama: Opposition Fails to Deliver on Climate Change Debate,” mentioned that the Opposition had failed to provide meaningful debate on the issue of climate change.

I wonder what the problem is.

Network and Infrastructure

Joji Toronibau, Tunuloa

Recently, I took time to enjoy some leisure moments in the village. While wanting to make very important phone calls to relatives locally and abroad as we were about to herald Father’s Day, I was very disappointed that our place up the Tunuloa side of Natewa Bay is still without a network.

There is no road infrastructure to cater for a free flow of school children to school and back, people to sell produce and cash crops to Labasa or Savusavu.  It seems that we have two Fiji’s here, one in Viti Levu and we the people up North. We are the most disadvantaged earthlings without these amenities.

We do not have TV reception except if you purchase Sky links, Vodafone/Inkk and Digicel have intermittent receptions just to name a few.

We, the most unfortunate Tikina, wish to also enjoy the same opportunities enjoyed by most Fijians locally and abroad.

Just need 4 kilometres of road transport to link Napuka Secondary to Wailevu Primary School.

Please also note that Police presence on wheels is paramount to weed away illegal activities.

Opposition Plays Race Card

Ravneel Sharma, Navua

After watching the Fiji One news it was embarrassing to see the opposition MP Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu make the statement: ‘‘Fiji politics will continue to be race based’’.

It can clearly be predicted that the opposition once they get into power surely the 2013 constitution would be reviewed as they are still unhappy with the way things are going in order to facilitate progress in Fiji.

As the Opposition feels the indigenous rights and their land have been taken away by the FijiFirst government, there are many who are happy to receive equal amount of land leases.

The Opposition MP Viliame Gavoka also stated that the Great Council of Chiefs would be reinstated if Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) wins the elections.

I believe SODELPA needs to do a lot of soul searching in order to win the hearts of the ordinary Fijians as they do not want to go back to the way things were 10 years ago.

Nawaikula words

Senaca Nabutu, Naulu

Every time Niko Nawaikula speaks in Parliament, I take a trip down memory lane and the horrors of 1987 and 2000 coups come flooding back.

His attempts  to brainwash us, the iTaukei of this land into believing that we are being marginalised is such a worry.

We are better than this! Do not fall for such words my brothers and sisters. A man who thinks only along ethnic lines is not fit to be a Government Minister.

He is stirring emotions and saying things just so he can sit beside Sitiveni Rabuka in Government. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided along ethnic lines ever again. We cannot be used like this.

What happened in 1987, 2000

Daya Wati, Nausori

I got my granddaughter to set up my Facebook account because apparently this is where all the drama is.

What I saw in the one week that I was on Facebook is so worrying.

Young Fijians who have no idea what the indo-Fijian community faced and lived through in 1987 and later on how Suva burnt in 2000 are just shooting their mouths.

Talk to the elders in your families and you will know what happened. You are not doing this country any favours by being an ignorant lot.

Prasad silence

Sovaia Pace, Sydney

What should one make of the manner in which Biman Prasad remains so quiet when hate is spewed in Parliament by some of his colleagues in Opposition?

He has made a number of compromises while in Opposition.

One can only wonder what sort of compromises he will make if he is in a coalition government with the same people?

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