Letters To The Editor, September 15 2017

Census, thumbprints, database. Arien Vikash Kumar, Nadi The 2017, Housing and Population Census will start soon as the 2017 Census night falls on the 17th of this month. Data such
15 Sep 2017 10:24
Letters To The Editor, September 15 2017

Census, thumbprints, database.

Arien Vikash Kumar, Nadi

The 2017, Housing and Population Census will start soon as the 2017 Census night falls on the 17th of this month.

Data such as demographic particulars, geographic particulars, economic activities, education, housing, etcetera will be captured from households and individuals during this survey.

These data become a very vital tool for the government and policy makers in making relevant plans, policies, rules and regulations for the country and its people.

A very important database can be created from the Census since it’s a national exercise, compulsory (not randomly done) for every household and individual.

With the various particulars of individuals collected, why not create a “Database” with the inclusion of every individual’s “thumbprints”?

Enumerators together with the relevant particulars can also take the thumbprints of the individuals (the government can decide whether to have an age criteria).

This thumbprint database can be very useful for the Government and other authorities in many ways:

1) Some pending unsolved police cases or future cases could be solved using this database. At the moment, police have thumbprints of those who are charged or convicted but not of future criminals.

2) The Immigration department can use this database to monitor arrivals and departures, or even human trafficking.

3) The FRCA can use it for taxation purposes.

4) The Elections Office can also use it during elections and voter registration.

5) The Births and Deaths registry, FNPF, TELS, Banks, etcetera may also find it useful.

The world is changing with the technology (even countries with a billion population), so why can’t we, when our population is not even in the millions?

It may be costly today but its benefits may far outweigh the costs tomorrow.

It may be too late for this Census but it can be a good start in the next one after ten years.


PM saved us

Parmesh Prasad, Suva

Thank you Mr A-G for what we saw on TV.

It takes guts to relive the horrors of 2000.

And for Parmod Chand to question PM Bainimarama, let me tell him, in 2000, it was PM Bainimarama who stood up and saved the Indo-Fijian community, not you Parmod Chand.


You were nowhere to be found.

Queen Elizabeth Drive closure

Edwin Sandys, Namadi Heights

The Queen Elizabeth Drive has been closed from early August and is really irritating to road users.

Initially, the road was to have been closed till the 23rd August 2017, then it was moved to the 28th of August and then to the 29th of August.

Today is the 15th of September, 2017 and they still have not completed the road.

Surely a large foreign organisation such as the company contracted would have quality engineers, surveyors and quantifiers to make a proper assessment of the place and give a proper estimate on the time it would take to properly complete the job contracted.

Originally it was estimated at two weeks but now it looks like it would take two months to complete and we are still counting.

We understand that there would be days where the weather would affect the work and allow a week extra but this is ridiculous.

On another matter, other roads in the city were closed at the same time and it was evident that the limited machines used caused the delay in working on the road by the Anglican Church and also on the road by the Small Claims Tribunal office.

Maybe they should inject all their resources into one project, complete it fast and move on to another. Maybe the work will be completed faster.

Lastly, could the company check their notice board by FRCA.

Detour is spelt as I write it and not ‘Deour’.


Land facts

Senaca Nabutu Naulu

What is SODELPA worried about? The truth?

The truth is their President Naiqama Lalabalavu moved to cabinet for native land to be converted to state and from that, converted to freehold.

Shame on you people if you think the iTaukei are going to fall for this again.

A real shame that you stand in Parliament running down the very document, the 2013 Constitution, which now protects our land.

What are you worried about?

That this now robs you of the opportunity to hoodwink landowners?

We are not stupid.


National Farmers Holiday

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

It is time now that we in Fiji should have a holiday set aside for our farmers.

This would be an opportune time to thank them for their selfless service to the country.

They toil the land to provide us with our necessities.

Of course their products cannot be manufactured in factories.

Whatever farmers produce has never been rejected by health monitors signifying that their products are health friendly.

Of course after processing their products professionals have made them unhealthy.

Facing the challenges of nature in terms of weather, disasters, and man-made challenges such as land issues and crop damages they continue to serve us.

Every Saturday a category of farmers are seen at the market very early in the morning setting up their display of products for sale. This means that they prepare their products earlier on and travel during the time when we are enjoying the comfort of our beds.

Sun and rain fails to demotivate them from their production of natural products.

Although their earnings may be meagre they never fail to toil the land.

And to add to this, most of our farmers are far away in the rural areas meaning far from the facilities in the towns. They risk their lives for us.

Why not celebrate them at the national level which can set up a platform for potential new farmers from our families.

By the way this is meant for all farmers be they vegetable farmers, cattle farmers, poultry farmers, bee farmers, decorative plant farmers, fish and prawn farmers, rice farmers, fruit farmers and of course cane farmers.

I don’t think a day set aside for them at the national level would harm anyone with a positive mind.

God bless our dedicated farmers. We are what our farmers produce.


A lesson from A-G

Premila Singh Suva

Where can I find a copy of the Thursday Parliament session?

I want to show my grandchildren a copy of the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s speech I saw today where he gives a detailed history about our constitutions.

That was more knowledgeable than any history class I have taken.

I wish we get more young men like him in Parliament who know what they are talking about, who know facts like it is on their finger tips, who are smart, dress properly and speak so eloquently.

We do not want more of the grog doped MPs who used to sleep in Parliament please.


Sunken ship

Manoah Kaleca, Nakasi

Fiji is a popular tourist destination.

These days, we see an increase in the number of cruise liners docking at our ports almost on a weekly basis.

We must remember that these ships bring with them many tourists and these tourists bring with them a lot of money.

Recently the fate of the sunken ship at the Suva harbour was a point of issue raised by the Opposition.

I don’t think that Parliament is the right venue to address this issue but someone must sound the alarm for the relevant stakeholders to move.

Can the relevant authorities remove this forsaken ship from our harbour, because it has been sitting there for a while and is, probably, an eyesore for tourists visiting our beloved nation.

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