Letters to the Editor, 19th September, 2017

Vinaka, Fiji Sun Premila Singh,Suva Thank you Fiji Sun for shedding light on what our country went through in 2000. I got tears in my eyes reliving those horrors. Vinaka
19 Sep 2017 10:34
Letters to the Editor, 19th September, 2017

Vinaka, Fiji Sun

Premila Singh,Suva

Thank you Fiji Sun for shedding light on what our country went through in 2000. I got tears in my eyes reliving those horrors. Vinaka to Sheldon Chanel.

Keep it up son.

Road upgrades

Manoah Kaleca, Nakasi

To beat the traffic each morning, I usually leave home with my children around 6am.

We live in Nakasi and during a normal road trip; it should only take us a minimum of 20 minutes or a maximum of 30 to reach the Suva area.

If we are to leave late by only 15 to 30 minutes, then we would be stuck in the queue for more than one hour.

What is causing these delays one may ask?

Road works or road upgrades and of course, road accidents.

I believe that more co-ordination and cooperation between the relevant parties involved should be done to ease the traffic flow especially during rush hour in the mornings and afternoons.

How about halting work altogether during peak hours to ease congestion on our roads?

We are not asking for five or 10 hours but let’s say between 6 to 8am in the mornings and between 5 to 7pm in the evenings.

I believe if this is implemented then we could see a drastic change on our roads congestion.

Leadership Liabilities

Joan McGoon, Nadi

We have amazing and great leaders but what may be destroying progress is the lack of unity and practice of values.

We still have our values and we must practice these, from the Government to the school room.

Lack of unity can be a liability.

News like our teenagers having brawls on the streets in uniform after school is alarming.

What kind of example we have as leaders set?

Even our own teenagers cannot control their words or behaviour in public.

We cannot live by values if we are not constantly reminded of them.

Perhaps religious and cultural values need to be further taught, instructed and exemplified, from the Government to the classroom.

Then we can all be less of a liability.

Constitution doubletalk

Geeta Pillay,Suva

Now Opposition, especially SODELPA members want to talk about the 1997 Constitution.

How about when Laisenia Qarase’s interim administration was ordered by court that Mahendra Chaudhry cabinet needed to be restored?

Why is no one talking about it?

Why are we talking about 1997 Constitution in any case?

Do a comparative study, compare the 2013 Constitution with what we had and people will know how much more we are empowered under this Constitution.

Accident hazard

Mohammed Sabir, Narere

The Suva-Nausori corridor, past Muanikoso Road junction has a 0.5km portion of road (quarter lane on the left) with  the upper surface seal being removed up to Beaumount Road junction, just opposite the Nasinu Police Station.

This portion is riddled with various potholes which are an obstacle to motorists  The motorists have to swerve their vehicles into the portion of the second lane and this can of course turn into an unexpected risk on this very busy road.

Through this responsible media, I’m hopeful that this message will reach to the hardworking acting chief executive officer of Fiji Roads Authority and a directive would be given to the Fiji Roads Authority contractors to smoothen this road immediately.

Chand’s integrity

Rajesh Lal, Lautoka

Is Parmod Chand a church leader?

If he is then he should preach the word of God rather than reminding the people of their past. Romans Chapter 8 Verse 14 says “… as many are led by the spirit of God  they are the sons of God.”

Satan has the past but Jesus has the future.

Chaudhry and SODELPA

Senaca Nabutu,Naulu

So I hear from people that son of Mahendra Chaudhry who is now overseas and is fully supporting SODELPA has stated that if SODELPA wins in 2018, all land which has been issued under 99 year leases will be taken back.

Can SODELPA management board confirm this through this column. We need to know what other warped ideas are floating around in that Party.

Domestic violence

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

The Assistant Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Veena Bhatnagar says her ministry aims to fix the issue of violence against women and children through policies and partnerships.

Six answers from the public regarding the question: “How can we eliminate domestic violence cases?” We as followers should:

  •  seek professional help
  •  go into behavioural change programmes,
  •  talk it out,
  •  serious counseling,
  •  higher penalties and harsher sentences and
  •  implement policies and put them into practice.

From a Christian perspective, only God through Jesus Christ can transform a person into having His character and the empowerment to live a life beaming with love towards one’s own family and others.

It is sad that in Fiji where we have a Christian majority; it is Christians who lead the statistics on domestic violence against women and children and our prisons are full of Christians believers.

We do have a Secular Government which will depend on secular humanistic solutions as the answer to domestic violence.

I call on Christian churches to unite and first have all church members walking the talk through the divine transformation and empowerment made available in Jesus Christ, before sharing the same to non-Christians.

There is only one power on earth that is able to change the heart of a violent person into having a heart full of love and respect for others and having the mind of Christ.

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