Letters To The Editor, 28th September 2017

Samabula Health Centre Dharmendra Kumar, Suva I visited the Samabula Health Centre after a lapse of six months. I am indeed amazed at the services provided by the very efficient
28 Sep 2017 09:50
Letters To The Editor, 28th September 2017
Nav Ratri Festival. Photo: The Indian Express

Samabula Health Centre

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

I visited the Samabula Health Centre after a lapse of six months. I am indeed amazed at the services provided by the very efficient and productive staff.

Upon my arrival at 6.30am, I collected a number and was thoroughly examined by the nurse before I saw a doctor at 7am.

I would like to personally thank the staff of the Samabula Health Centre through this column. I hope you will continually work diligently and maintain your professionalism.

If I have to recommend anything to better your services then I request your pharmacy opens the moment we are examined by the doctors rather than opening at 8 am

Once again vinaka vakalevu for the reform programme which is slowly paying dividends.

Great Council of Chiefs

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona

The Great Council Of Chiefs should not be brought back unless they are self sufficient and pay from their own pockets.

All their meetings and expenses if the organization was good for Fiji’s economy like the Fiji Airways, the tourism industry and sugar industry then bring them back because they will benefit all.

But if they drain the economy with no benefit for all then this would be unfair to all the taxpayers who tirelessly are working hard for the good of the country and their families, not like these free loaders.

I remember as a kid they used to have the Great Council of Chiefs meeting in the Vatanitawake on Bau Island.

During lunch break some of the delegates would come to my grandparents house uninvited they would eat up everything and leave without giving some money to my grandparents as a token of gratitude.

We would be out of food for a couple of days then members of  the Great Council of Chiefs would call up for a big donation for all of Tailevu. In iTaukei  it was called the Soli  Vakayasana o   Tailevu and it was always held on Bau Island.

People from all over came to Bau  Island for this big occasion of  money gathering.

The really sad thing about this was my grandparents and  parents have passed away who always dedicated themselves  to this money gathering to this day.

If you ask anyone in Tailevu where the money went to; no one  knows the amount of money gathered at these occasions if they were saved you could build the New York Empire State  Building  in Tailevu because I remember when they made the  total count they would announce it loudly.

It was up into the thousands of dollars.

The two things which were successful in Tailevu when I was  growing up; one was my grandparents gave one British pound sterling money and every household in Cautata gave a pound each and they started the first iTaukei bus company; the  Cautata  Bus  Company.

The other; was sometimes groups of men from villages would go to New  Zealand and work for six months then when they came back they would build schools, churches, new stores and houses in their villages.

The Great Council Of Chiefs should stay tribal but not part of the Fiji Government because they will not benefit any of us.

And would only drain our economy where money can be used for better purposes for those who are really in need of help.

Thank You.

Good news, bad news

Dr Raymond Chandra, Canada

First the good news: School children who fail external examinations and drop out without completing their full 13 years of education in schools, do not give up learning. They continue their learning elsewhere.

Now the bad news: What they learn elsewhere is often not what we want them to learn.

Sale of ungutted fish

Rajesh Lal, Lautoka

Can the Fisheries Department in Lautoka come out clean as to why they are not taking any action against those vendors who are selling ungutted fish from the Fisheries wharf and from roadsides .

As a concerned resident I have seen this health risk issue and no one from the ministry is bothered at all.

Is it lawful to sell ungutted fish?

I came to know this from the Fisheries officials in Labasa when vendors were found selling ungutted fish in Seaqaqa that under the Fisheries law it is illegal to sell ungutted fish.

Can the Lautoka fisheries officials wake up please or the Minister concerned please intervene?

Nav Ratri Festival

Dewan Chand, Suva

India is a land of extremes and diversities. It is also a land of festivals which are celebrated with much gusto. Festivals are filled with the sound of music, colours and varied sights. Currently the Sanatani Hindus are celebrating the festival of Nav Ratri (Festival of nine nights), goddess Durga is worshipped in all her forms.

This festival commences on the first day of Aso sud till the ninth. The onset of Aso is the final month of the Hindu year, it witnesses a profusion of utsavs (festivals), judiciously crammed into thirty days.

The bright half, shukla paksh starts with Nav ratri for nine days and nights, celebrated especially by women.

Dashera follows on the tenth and Sharad Punam the fifteenth. The dark half of the month or Krishna Paksh witnesses the festivities of dhanteres on the 13th, kali Chaudash on the 14th day and the final day of the year is crowned with Deepawali, the Festival of Lights.

Nav ratri will end on the 30th of September this year. In celebrating Nav ratri devotees gather on a daily basis and offer pooja and sing devi bhajans (hymns). They abstain from alcohol, meat eating and sex for the period of festivities. In fact it is a battle of righteousness over evil by controlling the senses.

Goddess Durga is also known as Amba, Ambika, Bhawani, Chamunda and Shakti. The story relates that a demon called Mahisasur got a boon from Brahma that no human could kill him. Thus he terorised people and had to be controlled .

So Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Indra created Durga to annihilate Mahisasur. Durga received weapons from these deities and the battle raged for nine days. On the tenth day Mahisasur was killed and it was victory or vijay for Durga. Thus devotees celebrate Vijaya Dakshmi.

Our body senses are very powerful and they can only be controlled through spirituality and the power of God who has provided humans with budhi (intelligence), faith, strength and valour. Tapas or yoga can be of much help in controlling our senses.

May I wish all the devotees of maa (mother) Durga a very happy Nav ratri. May she shower her choicest blessings on all believers.

God Bless!

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