Letters To The Editor, September 29th 2017

Strike them out Premila Singh, Suva Can Government please let the civil servants go on strike. This will be a good opportunity to get rid of the old school dramatic,
29 Sep 2017 09:53
Letters To The Editor, September 29th 2017

Strike them out

Premila Singh, Suva

Can Government please let the civil servants go on strike.

This will be a good opportunity to get rid of the old school dramatic, against change mindset people and get in the young eager graduates.

Top Teacher Award

Dr Raymond Chandra, Canada

In view of the strong emphasis on external examinations in the schools of Fiji, an extra incentive in the form of an all-expenses paid holidays for two weeks in Australia was offered ten years ago for any teacher in Fiji who could match or beat a previously set record of passes in external examinations in Fiji.

To date no teacher has been able to win the prize and the offer is still open.

Records kept at the examination office of the ministry of education in Suva show that a teacher single handedly taught a large class of forty students in one classroom at the old All Saints Primary School in Labasa in the year 1967 while he was also the head teacher of the school and every student of his class, all forty sat and all forty passed the Fiji Eighth Year Examination, which was then known as the Fiji Secondary Schools Entrance Examination.

This record of performance has still not been broken in Fiji. Any teacher of Fiji who matches or breaks this record can still claim this prize.

Contact: Education Awards, P.O Box 1235 Station Main, Kamloops B.C. Canada V2C6H3

Waiting for God and Government

Gay Maxwell, Sigatoka

We learn of another case of animal abuse: cattle in the western division starving to death because of no rain and no grass.

The drought conditions have always happened at times especially in the west. With climate change they are not going to get any better but worse.

A wise man once said- “God helps those who help themselves”.

Instead of sitting around watching your animals starve and waiting for God and Government to help, please use your imagination and do something yourselves.

If you are farming cattle, choose a place that is not so badly affected.

Prepare for adverse conditions.

Give the cattle alternative food such as-  para grass and other grass and leaves and feed them with these:

Coconut meal, mixed with molasses.

Scrapped or sliced up coconuts, mill mix.

Fruit such as Pawpaw, Guava, Soursop.

Vegetables such as Bele, Moca, Cassava, Carrot, Pumpkin.

There are outdoor taps in everyone’s compound.

Set up an old washtub or bath tub, fill it with water from the main water supply and bring the cattle to drink daily.

You feed and water your family, don’t you?

You don’t sit and watch them starve and die.

Then please treat your cattle with respect.

Feed and water them and do not sit around to watch them die.

I was brought up caring for animals on a farm in Fiji- not one ever starved to death, whether they were cows, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, or pigs!

Fragrant untruth

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

It couldn’t be emphasised more that despite efficient technology, it can also create misconduct in the dissemination of information.

People nowadays use the social media more than just to browse information and reply to emails; it acts as a powerful tool for communication and sharing stories.

It seems like a light topic, but what concerns me the most is how fragrant untruth updates are forwarded through our phones and the fact that many of us credulously believe it.

This is not just youths in particular, but adults can succumb to the situation as well.

When we are notified of juicy news (rumours), it grabs our attention and creates this urgency for us to respond to it either by expressing our thoughts or sharing them in chat groups or friends lists.

But, sadly not all take the time to think “Is it true?” and research where the source came from before judging it on face value.

It is important to choose wisely and we actually have the option NOT to share viral stories circulating on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any media applied.

We have to think about the impact because it can cause such things as apprehension, mistrust and hatred to an individual, business, company, faith or race. So, before copying and pasting a story, take a few seconds and ponder the wisdom of doing so.

Wake up, people

Dr Miriam Sau, New Zealand

What is wrong with these civil servants in Fiji?

Never before have they received such massive pay increase.


I should know, my mother was one before we left the country.

Wake up people, the fat cats are taking you for a ride.

See beyond their politics.

People in private sector don’t receive such massive pay increase.

We in New Zealand don’t receive such increments.

I am in fact preparing to return to Fiji seeing such prospects there. Stop being fooled.

Unionised or Contracted

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I like to know which is better to be a unionised or a contracted worker.

I have worked as a unionised worker while we had some contracted workers.  Though contracts workers got more pay for the same job we did, we unionised workers used to get more if we did overtime.

When overtime was required the contracted workers had to stay back and work.

The contracted workers did not get meal money.

I always felt sorry for the contracted workers everyday they used to knock off late.

My advice to people wanting to go on contract is you can always read the contract and ask for a few changes if think you will be disadvantaged.

Before you make up your mind try to recall a story about a dog crossing a river with a roti in its mouth (Class 1)

But if you are an honest person you can work on any condition.

Five Square diwali dhamaka 2021

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