Letters to the Editor, 31st October, 2017

Savusavu industrial land Sharif Shah, Savusavu Can the good Minister for Land call me on 9955178, and advise me as to why people are sitting on the above lots at
31 Oct 2017 15:12
Letters to the Editor, 31st October, 2017

Savusavu industrial land

Sharif Shah, Savusavu

Can the good Minister for Land call me on 9955178, and advise me as to why people are sitting on the above lots at Naqere industrial but not developing at all.

Some got residential and no industrial business at all.

They just living a good life out there.

I have huge investment here and over the past five years I’ve being trying to get land but to no avail.

All I have been doing is writing letters but no answers; no re-entry.

I am ready to take up four lots tomorrow.

Multi issues

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

How much more awareness is needed for the litter issues?

All that is needed, is being done.

Far too many campaigns have taken place. Far too many lectures have been given and far too many articles are being printed.

Schools and other institutes continue to highlight these issues.

When will people take it seriously?

What are they waiting for?

What will it take to shake them up?

How shameful it is that our own rubbish has to be picked up by someone else.

It’s simply a very shameful scenario.

The Government should come hard on people littering, let it be outside environment or in the bus.

Something surely should be done to combat this ongoing issue because it’s supposed to be everyone’s business.

Drink-driving cases are still on the rise.

This too, after so many awareness and messages, have been given out continuously, combined with the issue of speeding.

What on the earth will it take to realise the consequences of these issues?

Minibus drivers are on the radar here as well. We know how desperate they are to reach their destinations on time, but the safety of passengers should always be paramount.

The drivers must always have the responsibility of their passengers.

Accidents happen because we allow them to happen.

Yes, it’s so true.

Traffic is another issue building up with less traffic lights being a major concern.

Nadi will be declared a city soon but the traffic lights are yet to be seen at various locations, likewise in Lautoka City.

Traffic lights are important and it should be prioritised well.

Street lights that are not working are still a problem for some people.

The street light in Mohan Singh Place, Lautoka, is still not working since Cyclone Winston.

I have written a few times regarding this.

Why not?

Few months back we were being told that all the street lights will be fixed soon.

Well, we do understand that ‘Rome was not built in a day’, but it surely did start somewhere to finish.

Climate change is taking its toll yet we have some people who are favouring the fireworks. We know it’s yearly basis factor however if reducing it is a positive factor towards our environment, then why not?

Taking this opportunity, let’s wish our PM the very best in his COP23 presiding role in Bonn, Germany. Let’s be right behind him.

This is our Fiji, our environment and our people.

If we sit on the issue nothing will happen no matter how much effort is being put in by others.

Remember ‘United we stand, divided we fall’.

A Fijian should be able to understand another Fijian’s pain and suffering.

We are all one and we are a team.

God bless our beautiful paradise, Fiji.

Jacinda Ardern

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoniex, Arizona  USA

Congratulations on being voted as the new Prime Minister of New Zealand.

I already see the changes of human rights when her Cabinet took over and stopped the deportation of a Fijian man with special needs.

Being away from his parents is cruel and a racist behaviour from the outgoing government

The new government of Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern is upholding human rights.

Way to go Jacinda Ardern.

Fijian rugby at its best

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Rugby in Fiji seems to be on the right track.

For the Fiji Airways Drua it has reached the semi finals in its first year in the competition.

It usually takes a few years to get to the top four spots.

The Fiji Airways Flying Fijians did good in the beginning of the year with lots of Fijians securing contracts with clubs overseas.

Sometimes it is hard for the national coach to bring our players together, but when they are together its a different team altogether.

The Vodafone Fijian Bati, with its superb performance in the Rugby League World Cup opener, shows the confidence and standard of rugby that Fijians can produce.

Another weekend of rugby is coming up and we wish all those who will be on the field for Fiji the very best.

Go Fiji, Go!

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