Letters To The Editor, 3rd November 2017

Movember is here Kanta Mani, Nausori And it is time to focus on the fact that men too have sexual and reproductive health issues and need empowerment to maintain both.
03 Nov 2017 13:07
Letters To The Editor, 3rd November 2017

Movember is here

Kanta Mani, Nausori

And it is time to focus on the fact that men too have sexual and reproductive health issues and need empowerment to maintain both.

Prostate is one of them and another is testicular cancer.

Prostate cancer may be relatively a new health concept to quite a few in the urban areas.

Testicular cancer is hardly talked about in Fiji.

Both cancers are largely unknown to many living in rural and remote areas, and those who may not have been exposed to these health issues.

Many men may have succumbed to these cancers without having any knowledge and understanding until too late.

Just as women are encouraged to carry out a breast self-examination and Pap smear test, men also need to be educated on testicular self-examination and the risks posed by the prostate gland.

Awareness must be taken to the rural and remote communities in order to educate men and women on these cancers.

High schools, health centres and community programmes must be the focus.

Men also need to become aware of how their sexual and reproductive choices and behaviour can put them and their partners at risk of contracting both the cancers or related health issues.

School trips and rubbish

Warren and Roz Lake, Sigatoka

On Tuesday October 31 we watched a school enjoy the afternoon on the beach in front of us.

We loved watching the children, school teachers and parents enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful beach.

We went for our evening walk and found a pigsty of rubbish, food, paper, plastic, cardboard boxes and food left all over our pristine beach left by this school.

In fact there are five signs on this small part of the beach saying various positive messages I have written such as. “Leave Fiji beautiful, take your rubbish home”…or… “Leave only your footprints and take your rubbish”.

We thought school teachers were role models for the future and the young know littering was not a positive thing.

We picked up two big black bags of their rubbish.

They came in two buses and the children were young and did not wear uniforms.

We wish we had gone down to the beach while they were there and spoken to the organiser of this school event.

If this gets into the newspaper someone will know about the gathering on the Sunset Strip near Casablanca Hotel and Crow’s Nest Hotel and would like to let the school know this is unacceptable especially with our Prime Minister leading COP23 in Bonn.

Drivers keep noise down

Shivneel Chandra, Tavua

As the head boy of my school in the heart of Balata High, I would like to raise a concern in the attitude of some drivers during the exam season.

October and November are the months the Ministry of Education facilitates school exams in our country.

Teachers and students prepare themselves in due course.

Parents and siblings also give tremendous support to the children to create an environment conducive to learning.

However, all the hard work is drained when a child is unable to focus during the examination period in the examination hall due to disturbances caused by some drivers.

While the examination is in progress, these drivers are observed playing loud music in their vehicles which serves as a major distraction to students trying to concentrate on their papers.

Therefore, a humble request to these drivers, to stop the habit for just a two weeks or so, to support the students in achieving their goals in life with proper results.

Corrections Service

Mohammed Imraz Janif , Lautoka

The Fiji Corrections Service in Natabua is making progress in leaps and bounds.

Firstly, it is evident through the development of infrastructure around its facility.

Secondly, it is immensely focusing on the health and well-being of its employees.

The corrections officers take part in physical activities regularly.

Last week, l witnessed them having a game of touch rugby in the mid-day scorching sun.

To my astonishment, four female officers were part of the exercise.

Believe it or not, they were enjoying themselves.

They have managed to create a friendly atmosphere.

Thirdly, they use inmates to assist in the construction work.

It is amazing to see that the officers are not only supervising the inmates.

They are actually painting, digging and carrying materials with them.

This civil service department is living its name.

Hopefully, all these innovations would assist in reducing crime in Fiji.

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