Letters to the Editor, 6th November, 2017

LETTER OF THE MONTH Stop dreaming Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori In 2014 the citizens of Fiji elected a Government to govern our nation. The election result was so overwhelming.  Our current
06 Nov 2017 12:44
Letters to the Editor, 6th November, 2017


Stop dreaming

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

In 2014 the citizens of Fiji elected a Government to govern our nation.

The election result was so overwhelming.  Our current Prime Minister alone won more votes than all the Opposition (SODELPA + NFP) “parliamentarians” votes combined.

The next set of voting is just around the corner.

But until then, they are still the legitimate Government chosen by the people for the people.

Some prominent politicians and Union leaders marched in protest against Government’s implementation of civil servants’ contracts and demanded a $4 minimum wage last Saturday.

Some of them stood in that 2014 election but failed to win a single seat in Parliament.

They were humiliated and rejected by an overwhelming majority of the people and it seems they are still sore about it today.

The civil service is not our father’s company where we can take a job and stay there until retirement at 55 whether we perform or slept on the job.

To do that will be cheating the people.

Civil servants exist to serve the people.

To get the best people in terms of qualification, experience and performance to serve our nation best, contract system must be implemented to ensure a more focused and competitive recruitment and performance.

It is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2.

A single mother who earns an average salary of $400 a fortnight cannot afford to pay her housegirl the minimum wage of $320 a fortnight (@ $4 an hour  x 80 hours = $320) and left with only $80 to pay her rent, electricity, water, transport to and from work, food, furniture, clothes, phone bills, kitchenware.

This will force her to quit working thus increasing our number of unemployment.

It applies to various sectors of our workforce.

The number of people who marched last Saturday represented less than a quarter per cent of the workers in Fiji.

The International Labour Organisation is already working very closely with Government on our various labour issues and is fully aware of all the logics and nonsense behind all these issues.

Perhaps the Prime Minister and Attorney-General should organise a march in Suva for all the people who want to show their support on various Government Policies and also show this ‘little, tiny and insignificant’ number where they truly stand.

The personal agendas of a few must never be allowed to overshadow the wishes of an overwhelming majority who wish to take this nation to progress and prosperity.

It is time we drag them back to Earth and its realities from their self-centred dreams.

  • Timoci Gaunavinaka will receive a Philips Hand Blender from Courts.

Climate change and COP23

Spencer Robinson, Suva

While it’s been reportedly hot and dry at unprecedented levels in the western division, the central continues to be very rainy and wet. Meanwhile, back in Bonn, Germany, it’s extremely cold and freezing.

Weather aberration is a typical component of climate change apart from ocean acidification, rise in sea level and water scarcity to name a few.

COP23 commences today, November 6, 2017, and continues for a fortnight.

The United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiation processes among nations is not as simple as we anticipate.

History has indicated that bigger and industrialised states tend to ‘bulldoze’ their way into negotiations making smaller, under-developed and developing states helpless in their defence because of the lack of much needed expertise and effective influences.

However, Fiji’s Presidency at COP23 enriched with the Pacific Voice of solidarity, grand coalition with other like-minded states, civil society and non-governmental organisation’s, and the Pacific Photo Exhibitions among other mechanisms, I am certain that there are sufficient leverages on the importance of the Paris Agreement to the rest of the world.

Perhaps what will have a lasting impact at this UN Climate Change Conference will come from our two young national oratory winners and ambassadors on climate change, Timoci Naulusala (Naivicula District School, Tailevu) and Shalvi Shakshi (Nasarawaqa Primary School, Bua) when both will deliver strong messages on the realities of climate change and share their respective experiences during and after tropical cyclone Winston.

Congratulations once again to these two “future leaders of tomorrow” and our best wishes and support for their contribution to COP23. Finally, I wish the COP23 Presidency, delegates, attendees and volunteers the very best for the days ahead with the ultimate hope of a successful outcome.

May God bless us all.

Where Is The Love

Amrit Singh, Nausori

In the hope of seeing humanity one day, I started observing people and their action towards Mother Nature and also towards other humans.

On that particular day I felt very sad because I witnessed a lot of inhumane acts in just one day.

Firstly, I observed school students walking past a blind man without helping him cross the road even though he asked many for help.

While I helped this blind man cross the road, it still hurts to see school kids these days having that attitude.

Later that day, I made more observations.

I saw people littering from their cars carelessly, people arguing when boarding the bus and cars driving at top speed on that rainy day ignoring crossing pedestrians who were getting wet in the rain.

I asked myself, what is wrong with people and their attitudes these day. Why do they not care anymore? Why are we all so self-centred?

Why are politicians so pay-cheque minded? Why doesn’t anyone say anything when Mother Nature is disrespected?

Times have changed a lot and humanity is lost along the way. The pride for that noble banner blue is long gone. We all are to be blamed.

We all have in recent times let our small paradise down. Then how will the world be a better place. Where is the love?

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