Letters To The Editor, 8th November 2017

Cost of iTaukei funerals Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation’s iTaukei language “Cucurui” programme coverage on the pros and cons of the traditional iTaukei funeral protocols is an important
08 Nov 2017 11:56
Letters To The Editor, 8th November 2017
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Cost of iTaukei funerals

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation’s iTaukei language “Cucurui” programme coverage on the pros and cons of the traditional iTaukei funeral protocols is an important programme for all iTaukei people to see.

It addresses many issues we all know about, but often feel too reluctant to openly talk about. Thank you so much Malakai Qaqacava, Reverend Kolivuso and FBC TV.

While our Hindu and Muslim communities show true care and respect in the way they carry out their funeral obligations, our iTaukei cultural protocols on funerals is at many times enticed with extreme nonsense, deceit and sometimes “showing off”.

We spend so much money on the funeral of a dead relative or family member than on the person himself or herself when he or she needed it most while still alive. Some use such an occasion to show-off their wealth and economic capabilities while there are others who came with insignificant contributions and expect to return with a lot of wealth.

Some see funerals as a feasting ground where the entire family can have free meals for one to two weeks. Hindus, on the contrary, bring cooked food to the family of the deceased because the affected family does not cook during the funeral gathering period.

Muslims bury their dead within 24 hours and do not do the:

1.    iTukutukuni ni mate;

2.  Veiqaravi, reguregu and Bikabika;

3.    Burua and Wasei ni iyau;

4.    Vaka bogi va; and

5.    Bogidrau and vakataraisulu

At the minimum estimation of 3 deaths per village in a year X by 1000 villages in Fiji (according to iTaukei Affairs Board Fiji has over 1000 villages) X $4000 (estimated average cost per funeral) = over $12 million. This does not include iTaukei deaths in urban centres, and you can do the math.

Imagine the number of things we iTaukei could have built with such funds on a yearly basis taking into consideration that we own over 90 per cent of the land.

There are many instances where a portion or a big chunk of money collected from fund-raising activities for various school or village projects are redirected to cover unforeseen funeral expenses. We have used the dead to justify our illogical and baseless actions to make the living suffer and our future generations disadvantaged. This significantly causes our iTaukei economic capabilities to spiral downwards.

But instead of holding this “Bull” of our own self-inflicted problem by the horns, we turn a blind eye and start pointing fingers.

We have invented a falsified scapegoat to take the blame for a cultural blunder of our own making. If we iTaukei are to reach the pinnacle of our true economic potential and achieve sustainable prosperity, certain parts of our culture must be totally deleted and some reformed.

At the same time, many parts of our culture can be supported and enhanced further if it brings progress and prosperity in unity.

Real sex education

Arnold Tamani, Savusavu

I would like to express my views on the rise of sexual immoral cases in Fiji.

I believe no real sex education (Godly sex talk) is a contributing factor. Promoting the free condom drive and educating children on its use when it comes to sex is a contributing factor as this method only encourages children to engage in early sex and the number of sex partners is not a problem as long as they are using a condom, when the message behind the drive can be concluded to “if you have different sex partners just make sure to use a condom”.

I believe the best way to deliver the message of preventing these issues is real sex education (Godly sex talk) where sex is openly talked about to children. I believe Godly sex talk should say that the problem to the issue is not sex because sex was created for man and women, where sex is a unification of a man and a woman as both were created to get involved in sex, but the issue is the timing of sex and the honour given to their body for sex.

Godly sex talk must say that sex is good but the timing to get involved should be right and the time is when an individual either girl/boy has decided in their heart to choose the person (wife/husband) with whom they will spend the rest of their lives together. The one and only person whom they will share the same bed and expose their nakedness to each other in honourable intimacy where they have stood in front of God and family and said yes to each other and no to another. I believe when children grow in Godly sex talk, there will be no need for condom use as sex should be done in purity and under holy matrimony and having one sex partner for the rest of their life.

Sex was only created for marriage and not for sleeping around where a boy and girl gets involved in sexual immorality developing from lust, adultery, fornication, extra marital affairs, which I believe to be the main causes of the rise in sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, rape, child sex videos, pornography, human trafficking, suicides, prostitution and break ups in an increasing number of families.

I believe Godly sex talk should teach our children to honour their bodies and keep their body for only one special person after making their vows in front God as it was God who created sex, but he also set a time for when one person should get involved in sex. The problem is we have eliminated Godly sex talks from our schools, homes, churches and Government thus eliminating the best advice about sexual purity. If we want the message to reach our children, then we have to get Godly sex talk back in the equation again because it was only God who created our body and founded sex.

George Washington once said: “You can’t have national morality apart from religious principle”.

I believe this is true because now children in our country carry in their pockets, wallets and bags a condom and are looking and searching to fulfill their sexual desires.

Pornography is now easy for them to access as the digital world develops in Fiji and prostitution has flooded our streets.

Where is the love?

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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