Letters To The Editor, Tuesday Nov 14th, 2017

Letter Of the Week Where Is The Love? Amrit Singh, Nausori In the hope of seeing humanity one day, I started observing people and their action towards Mother Nature and
14 Nov 2017 13:31
Letters To The Editor, Tuesday Nov 14th, 2017

Letter Of the Week

Where Is The Love?

Amrit Singh, Nausori

In the hope of seeing humanity one day, I started observing people and their action towards Mother Nature and also towards other humans.

On that particular day I felt very sad because I witnessed a lot of inhumane acts in just one day.

Firstly, I observed school students walking past a blind man without helping him cross the road even though he asked many for help.

While I helped this blind man cross the road, it still hurts to see school kids these days having that attitude.

Later that day, I made more observations.

I saw people littering from their cars carelessly, people arguing when boarding the bus and cars driving at top speed on that rainy day ignoring crossing pedestrians who were getting wet in the rain.

I asked myself, what is wrong with people and their attitudes these days. Why do they not care anymore? Why are we all so self-centred?

Why are politicians so pay-cheque minded? Why doesn’t anyone say anything when Mother Nature is disrespected?

Times have changed a lot and humanity is lost along the way. The pride for that noble banner blue is long gone. We all are to be blamed.

We all have in recent times let our small paradise down. Then how will the world be a better place. Where is the love?

  • Mr Singh will receive a Philips Steam Iron from Courts


School prize-giving

Nirmala Devi, Tavua

As a regular reader of the Fiji Sun, I am glad and interested in the reports and colourful pictures of hardworking students with their trophies, certificates, and medals

However, we as readers are only reading about the same schools throughout the past years because they are famous This does not do not justice to other schools with a dedicated group of students and teachers

If I recall the earlier reports of Fiji Sun, the Education Minister’s excellence awards were given out to high performing schools like Jai Narayan College, Balata High School (Tavua), Thomas Baker, Xavier College, Nelson College (Tavua) and others where great results were produced with marvelous students

Therefore, I request the reporters of the Fiji Sun, to write on the Dux and Students of the Year of these schools because these were the individuals who made their school excel from the rest Even though a recognised chief guest is not present, it does not matter at all as their parents are important

Finally, with great anticipation, I hope that these hardworking reporters will consider this request

Racial profiling

Joan McGoon, Nadi

It’s quite interesting to hear the advertisements on this Where is the line going to be drawn, I wonder?

Will businesses also have to remove their racially profiled business names? For example, Restaurants and cafes at hotels and in the inner city area that include the ‘stereo-typed’ names to show their uniqueness in their exotic food?

Granted, food and people are totally different entities but the concept remains the same

How are we going to distinguish one from the other without losing the uniqueness, sanctity and sacredness of race? Because it looks like race and citizenry are the two issues in conflict here We need to retain the two because both are extremely sacred in it’s own right

Fijian Memories

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona

I am so sorry for always  sending personal information and asking for help. The truth is after  40 years in America everyone I know in Fiji is either dead or has moved to another place.

All people  I know or all relatives except for my village or sister on Bau Island are still there except all the village elders are gone I am one of the elders now. I left Fiji in April 1975 when I was 26 years old.

Peter Lomas and Nemani Delaibatiki were working for Fiji Sun and The Fiji Times. Robert Wendt, Ilaitia Uqe,  Isoa Manulevu,   Manoa Rasigatale, were with the newspaper.

My first article was on Epeli Ligairi, the powerlifting champion of Hawaii. It was 1975 or 1976 it was published by the Fiji Sun on the Fiji Sun sports special edition on a Sunday. My second article was on a hall of fame for Fiji. When I left George Naigulevu of Mead Road, Nabua,  had just finished Marist Brothers High School. He was my buddy.

I lived at 20 Malima Street, with  my aunty Mrs Wendt, Robert Wendt’s mother in Nabua, Suva.

A big loloma to everyone in Fiji.

Lamb quality

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

With the quality of lamb chops sold at some shops, it makes me wonder if these are rejected meat from the country of origin So much fat content

For my next barbecue I’d be better off buying chicken legs

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