Letters To The Editor 16-November-2017

Appalling robbery cases Spencer Robinson,  Suva It is sad and appalling to hear of the “grab and run” robberies that have happened along Grantham Road in Raiwaqa, Suva. While this
16 Nov 2017 13:24
Letters To The Editor 16-November-2017

Appalling robbery cases

Spencer Robinson,  Suva

It is sad and appalling to hear of the “grab and run” robberies that have happened along Grantham Road in Raiwaqa, Suva.

While this new form of robbery does not happen on a frequent basis, the point is that perpetrators are always watching and attack when the victim is vulnerable.

A few months back a friend while waiting for a taxi along Grantham Road in the evening pulled out his mobile phone to answer.

Next thing he saw his mobile phone flying away from him as if it had developed super-wings.

Actually, a young individual with fast and athletic ability had swiftly grabbed my friend’s phone and ran away like “Usain Bolt.”

Everything happened so fast that my friend did not even get the opportunity to recognise the individual.

It was as if his stolen phone and the perpetrator were yelling back at my friend: “Moce Jo”!

Last week the same incident happened but this time to another friend.

My friend had finished classes in the evening from University of the South Pacific Laucala Campus and decided to take a walk home alone along Grantham Road because it was an awesome and cool evening.

She decided to take a rest at one of the bus-shelters while listening to music and then later make a call when a group of individuals had approached her.

One of them demanded and grabbed her expensive phone before vanishing like an “electrical train.” Another: ‘Moce Jo’.

The remaining perpetrators attempted to grab her backpack which contained her laptop but in her defence the group failed and disappeared from the scene.

My friend further stated that it was disappointing to see that a few people who saw what was happening did not bother to help despite the activity being criminal in nature.

It was also noted that my friend had sustained minor injuries to her arm during the incident.

The matter was reported to the Police the very same evening with the hope that my friend’s phone would be recovered and the perpetrators captured and brought to task.

It is impossible to say at this stage that the perpetrators are residing within or close to the Raiwaqa area unless facial recognition proved otherwise?

However, there also could be a possibility that the group live somewhere else and then come to the Raiwaqa area to rob pedestrians along Grantham Road.

This way the young criminals use Raiwaqa to camouflage their place of origin.

While there have been so much development in this area to support socio-economic growth, it has sometimes become an unsafe experience to enjoy an evening walk along Grantham Road.

Please do not make a habit walking alone at night along Grantham Road especially if you have finished classes from USP or work.

Catch a bus or taxi, do not take the risk of becoming another victim of the ‘grab and run’ robbery.

However, if you still insist taking a walk then it is wise to do so with a group of friends or work colleagues.

Finally, it is advisable to never answer your mobile phone while walking along Grantham Road (Raiwaqa, Suva) in the evenings to be on the safe side because it is uncertain when the perpetrators will attack again.

In the mean time I suggest that the Police carry out frequent patrols and community policing in the area concerned.



Nanise Rainima needs our vote

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

What else she cannot do, you name it she is there. She just came second in the Talent Fast Track event,

Vinaka Nani.

She still needs our vote.

With the census just over and the population should have reached the million mark or almost;  with over 50 per cent in their teen and  are adults;  about 90 per cent of that 50 per cent have excess to social media and if we all vote we will surely get Miss Rainima in the driving seat.

If the people of Nakelo had the numbers we would surely have done it ourselves but as we needed more we are appealing to all the naita, mata, tau and the people of Fiji to press those buttons and make them count.

For those of you who haven’t got any buttons to press just put your hands together and look up into the sky for the Almighty to perform miracles.

Go Nani Go. Nakelo ga sa rawata.


Some bus drivers ignoring service

Nitin Prasad,  Suva

Since this e-Ticketing started I have noticed many drivers don’t stop at the bus stop to board passengers, though passengers are flagging down the buses at the bus stops.

Recently, I was waiting for the bus at a designated bus stop and two buses just drove past.

This has happened with me many times.


Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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