Letters To The Editor, 20th November, 2017

LETTER OF THE WEEK Don’t lose, forget exam transcripts Arien Vikash Kumar, Nadi Your 12 or 13 years of sweat during your school journey may be of no value if
20 Nov 2017 14:40
Letters To The Editor, 20th November, 2017


Don’t lose, forget exam transcripts

Arien Vikash Kumar, Nadi

Your 12 or 13 years of sweat during your school journey may be of no value if you are unable to produce your external examination transcripts during a job interview or enrolment at tertiary institutions for further education or when applying for National Toppers, etc.

Parents sacrifice and invest so much for their child towards his or her education from day one with the hope that one day they will become something and make them proud.

However, all their dreams are shattered only because some children are irresponsible and careless when it concerns their external examination transcripts.

After the successful completion of secondary education, some students don’t even bother to return to their respective schools to collect their original transcripts.

Out of those who do collect the transcripts, some think that it’s just another piece of paper to put in their files and drawers. Thus, losing or misplacing this piece of paper is no big deal.

Let me remind our students and school leavers that it becomes a big deal when these document are needed but you don’t have them readily available. Keeping transcripts safely is just as important as sitting an external examination.

A friendly reminder to the students, be responsible now rather than the last minute bothering of teachers, school administrators or education officers.

Also, please stop the common excuse that the transcripts were destroyed in natural disasters or fire.

Can parents, elders, teachers and schools inculcate this sense of responsibility in our children before the closing of the 2017 school calendar, please?

  • Arien Vikash Kumar wins a Philips steam iron from Courts

Can’t believe it

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

When asked how was the Vodafone Fijian Bati vs New Zealand rugby league World Cup quarterfinal match, all that the old timer could say was: “I was just can’t believe it.” Hahaha!

Vodafone Fijian Bati

Amrit Singh, Nausori

It was a brilliant performance by our gallant Vodafone Fijian Bati rugby league players.

They beat New Zealand at home and in front of their own fans. Shaun Johnson was in tears after the match. We played super defensive rugby and attack as well.

Just the finishing needs to be more accurate against an Australian side who play fast paced league. Vinaka, boys! We are taking down NZ in both the 7s and rugby league now. Suliasi Vunivalu is a star and Ashton Sims is a beast.

I am so excited about the National Rugby League World Cup semifinals and I hope to be watching on match day when Fiji take on Australia.

Wow! What a cracker that would be.

Haka 2 vs Hymn 4

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Suva

Vodafone Fijian Bati captain Kevin Naiqama said it all, he is giving all the credit for their historic rugby league World Cup quarterfinal win over New Zealand to Jesus.

The semifinal with Australia this week is another big mountain to conquer and Jarryd Haynes believes that with God, they can do it again.

I wonder what the Welsh coach will be saying now as he had made a public statement saying that no Tier Two nation will be in the final of the 2017 rugby league World Cup and that the Fijian Bati was not good enough.

The world has just witnessed what faith in God could do and we Fijians should be proud of our Fijian Bati for choosing to sing a hymn instead of doing the ‘Cibi’ and being good Ambassadors for Christ.

Australia should win their semifinal encounter with the Fijian Bati this week being the world champion. But the win against New Zealand has lifted the faith of our boys up another notch and we will not be surprised if Australia falls like Goliath in front of David.

Go Bati, go!

Quality goods

Manoah Kaleca,  Suva

It seems that the quality of the goods sold these days in our beloved country has gone downhill.

I remember, while growing up, that the goods sold by retailers were of good quality and would last. For example, furniture in those days would be made of quality wood like dakua, but now they have been replaced by cheap wood that can easily break.

The quality of shoes, school bags and toys in most shops are very cheap and do not last.

Come on retailers, you should have the best interest of the consumers at all times.

Please, stop bringing in cheap products for our people and start importing quality products again.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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