Letters To The Editor, 29th November 2017

Legal Aid Commission services acknowledged Josaia Bulavakarua, Nalawa, Ra I would like to thank the Government for the services provided by the Legal Aid Commission. The Fijian people are no
29 Nov 2017 10:08
Letters To The Editor, 29th November 2017

Legal Aid Commission services acknowledged

Josaia Bulavakarua, Nalawa, Ra

I would like to thank the Government for the services provided by the Legal Aid Commission. The Fijian people are no longer needed to visit expensive lawyers to assist them in their probate work, civil case and criminal cases as well.

The Legal Aid Commission office is now available in our towns, cities and township and we are now having easy access to our justice system.

I have a request to the Legal Aid Commission if it’s possible for them to open an office as well in the Nalawa District in the Ra Province. This office can be used by the people of Nakorotubu and Nalawa rather than going all the way to Rakiraki. This will be useful as well as there is also a Magistrates Court sitting in Nalawa once a month.

Be concerned about prostate cancer

Neelz Singh, Lami

Prostate cancer is the fourth most common cause of death in older men. All men should be concerned about prostate cancer, particularly as they age.

Symptoms can include: urinating in the middle of the night, needing to urinate more frequently, and feeling like the bladder doesn’t completely empty, and blood in the urine.  If you feel pain near private area risk factors can develop, early screening is especially important.

Don’t be shy visit or see a doctor or nurse or seek medical help for your own good.

Not ignoring symptoms and being aware that finding the disease and treating it early has very good outcomes are the two main things that we need to get men to be aware of and to address.

The earlier the prostate cancer is detected — before symptoms appear — the better the chances for recovery.

Enjoy and ‘Drink’ Responsibly

Spencer Robinson, Suva

The month of November will soon become history as we fast approach the final month of this year. The month of December is considered to be a time of joy and festivity as it is the season of Christmas. Christmas break-up parties will be high on the agenda as the majority of organisations, associations and groups make final preparation for a joyous and memorable occasion.

Indeed employees and members of associations or groups deserve to enjoy and celebrate as a team for all their hard work, dedication and contribution throughout this very challenging and exciting 2017. While celebrations will come in the form of a variety of delicious food, music, kava and of course alcohol, it is important that we enjoy and ‘drink’ responsibly and refrain from ‘drinking and driving.’

The celebrations should also be a time to reflect on our success and shortfalls while at the same time making amends for improvement for the coming New Year.

In addition, December should be a time to appreciate and cherish the one thing that makes ‘home’ the best place to be in the world today, that is, our beloved ‘families.’ Work commitments during the year had also meant less time spent with the family and so please make it your priority to spend quality time with your wonderful families this Christmas.

Therefore, my best wishes to all of you in your respective break up parties and have a blessed Christmas and an enjoyable New Year, 2018. Cheers!


Sukha Singh, Labasa

I have noticed that sometimes there are very good tablets in the chemists.  When you go and buy the same tablets after sometime there is a colour change .When you ask the chemist he /she says it is the same tablet or capsule they gave you the last time .

Most of the time I find these changed tablets and capsules are very weak. Has anybody else experienced this?

MIOT Pacific Hospitals

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

It is indeed a great privilege that MIOT Pacific Hospitals from India are now based here permanently with their medical specialists who have decided to invest in the former Suva Private Hospital with their latest state of the art medical technologies.

Vinaka to our Government for providing the necessary incentives so we can fully access and utilise the expertise and services available on our door steps at a fraction of the price compared to going overseas.

Can we ask the chief executive officer of the Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (MIOT) Pacific Hospitals to please kindly allow a full page advert in our dailies to inform the Fijian public of the costs associated with all your professional services and treatment. Openness and transparency is the way to go.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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