Letters To The Editor, 2nd December 2017

Congratulations Kirti Patel, Lautoka I would like to congratulate the graduates of the University of Fiji. It was a proud moment for these students as all their hard work and
02 Dec 2017 11:36
Letters To The Editor, 2nd December 2017


Kirti Patel, Lautoka

I would like to congratulate the graduates of the University of Fiji. It was a proud moment for these students as all their hard work and struggle has paid off.

This was the day they were eagerly waiting for and the day has finally arrived. It was a very proud moment for the staff of the institution as well who witnessed the prestigious event.

A special thanks and acknowledgement goes to the lecturers who taught, guided and moulded the students to reach where they are today. A big Vinaka to you all.

To all the graduates congratulations are in order but the road to learning will never end. Please continue if possible as we always are in the learning mode. Everyday we have something to learn which helps us grow. Education is endless and infinite. Let this proud day be the ignition that will push you further in terms of success.

Please put your feet up and relax with a deep breath. It’s your day and you deserve the best treat. The road to one destination has come to an end and the new journey begins.Kudos once again and God bless.

Unsecured vehicle loads

Satish Nakched, Suva

Transporting loads is a very dangerous operation. It might seem like a simple task of getting stuff from one place and bringing it to another.

But loading and transporting cargo can cause serious injury and even fatality. The  cargo loading especially soil and gravel must be carried out by a competent person following  the right loading  safety procedures which must be done with the drivers consent to ensure whatever is on the tray of the truck is safe, secure and without any risk to the other road users.

Once travelling on a public road the duty of care falls on the driver to ensure that the load on the tray of the truck is not hazardous.

It is common on our roads to see that the heavy trucks or vehicles that are carrying loads are not secured or restrained properly. There are trucks that cart loose gravel and soil but do not adequately cover the load which are sticking above the tray barriers and some of the pebbles that are loose tend to be sitting on the edge of the tray.

This happens when the gravel or the soil are loaded onto the truck by the use of a digger or the loader buckets. Due to the movement and braking this hazard can fall on the road and the risk is that the objects could land on the other vehicles or pedestrians.

The drivers who are following behind have to swerve to dodge items that are falling. The load that has spilled onto the road has caused other vehicles to sustain wind screen damages.

This becomes no concern of the truck driver as he will continue driving and the damaged vehicle driver most of the time cannot note the offending truck’s registration number for reporting purposes. These types of loads must be properly covered.

The authorities concerned should monitor this dangerous style of operation as this will increase as Fiji is in a growth mode and such a method of transportation is vital in the construction industry.

Cashless Society

Lawrence H Narayan, Suva

A “Cashless Society” has finally been announced in Fiji explaining how customers will find it convenient to buy and sell with digital cash keeping proper records of every transaction.

The Bible also tells us the system will completely eliminate the physical transfer of money (paper money and coins) and will replace it with a currency system associated with the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16-18).  From our perspective the system of the Beast will develop to involve digital currency as an authentication process using the extensive electronic networks designed for this project. These developments are leading the world to a cashless society where every sale and business transaction will be controlled and monitored by government.

The next step will involve a microchip to be inserted into the right hand or forehead. It is interesting to note that no other time in history the Mark of the Beast could have been initiated and no other generation but ours could have understood how the system would operate.

Furthermore, no previous generation before our time could have imagined this technology or how it would be used. Now we can see why the Bible describes the prophecy about the Mark in Revelation 13 as taking “wisdom” to understand it.

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