Letters To The Editor, 06th December 2017

Thank you, Rosy Premila Singh, Suva Rosy Akbar has been an exceptional Minister for Health and Medical Services and if we had a Minister like her 20 years ago, the
06 Dec 2017 10:20
Letters To The Editor, 06th December 2017
Minister for Health and Medical Services, Rosy Akbar

Thank you, Rosy

Premila Singh, Suva

Rosy Akbar has been an exceptional Minister for Health and Medical Services and if we had a Minister like her 20 years ago, the Health sector would have been miles ahead of what it is now. Same cannot be said about her Permanent Secretary though. I hear that he has not even been to all health centers and hospitals around the country. That is not good.

Minister Akbar you are a shining example of where we want women to be. God bless you!

Solve Traffic Congestion

Ravneel Sharma, Navua

It has been quite some time now that people are blaming the Government and the car dealers for importing large numbers of vehicles to be sold in our own beloved country Fiji.

Many have directly pointed out that traffic congestion on our roads are due to the new hybrid vehicles that have been made so affordable that every household could purchase through a car loan for a period of five years.

But have we ever wondered as to how the Government could curb the traffic congestion problem along the Suva to Nausori corridor as well as in the Nadi to Lautoka corridor during the early morning when people are rushing to work.

First and foremost the bus companies should relook at their own buses and ask themselves whether they would want to travel in old rattling buses that have gear box problems or when it rains, the water seeps into the buses and wets the seat covers.

If a person is a lawyer by profession, he wouldn’t want to travel in those buses because by the time he or she arrives at the bus stand his or her clothes would get dirty. So it’s better for them to travel through their own private cars contributing to traffic congestion.

The Vodafone company has been giving away a lot of free talk time through its weekly promotions.

If it does have double or triple up promotions on recharging your e-ticketing cards, I guarantee the majority of vehicle owners would park their private cars at home and will surely travel by bus as they will be saving their own fuel cost.

That way traffic congestion could be solved in busy areas along Suva and Nausori corridor where road works are being carried out by the Fiji Roads Authority.

As the weather pattern changes and not all road works could be done at night I believe Government could get along with the organisations involved to find a better solution.

Dubai 7s

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Why do we keep on saying ‘it’s in our blood’ or ‘it’s our game’ when we have lost so many games? What a joke! The downward spiral continues.

Fire hydrant

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

I’ve heard on numerous occasions when the NFA had to look for a fire hydrant during a fire.

This was also the case when fighting the fire that engulfed part of the Lautoka Hospital. Only this time they had to dig for it. Classic!

Cashless Society

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Both Brother Lawrence Narayan and Hans B. Boernke have shared their views on Fiji choosing to become a cashless society.

There are both pros and cons of a cashless society but as pointed out by Brother Lawrence; Bible prophecy reveals that a time will come when only those who obey the beast will be allowed to buy or sell.

This move will build up to a death decree on all who do not worship on the day the beast has set aside for the world to rest in.

If you think that this Bible prophecy is just scare tactics by the author then you have to read again and understand the Pope’s recent proposal on how to fight Climate Change.

Fiji’s involvement in COP23 means we will follow to the letter what our Climate Change world leaders want done for the common good of all mankind.

Now that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled through this cashless society, one needs to allow the God of the Bible to be in charge of our lives as we countdown to the end of this world.

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