Letters To The Editor, 7th December 2017

Social media stupidity Sovaia Pace, Sydney I am appalled at the stupidity of some people on social media. I recently saw the big ruckus being created about comments some clergy
07 Dec 2017 16:29
Letters To The Editor, 7th December 2017

Social media stupidity

Sovaia Pace, Sydney

I am appalled at the stupidity of some people on social media.

I recently saw the big ruckus being created about comments some clergy made while praising Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Are we so insecure and so narrow minded that we are taking such remarks to heart?

Or are we just unable to see past our political bias and see this as an opportunity to create further disharmony?

Not so long ago the streets of Suva had saffron flags flying with the Hindu Ganesh Visarjan procession but when a suggestion was made to fly green flags for a similar procession to honour the Prophet Muhammed, we have all become so prejudiced?

Are we really such hypocrites?

We have the Walk of the Cross during Easter every year. So why the fuss now?

And to all you Fijians who hide behind social media, please stop sowing the seeds of disunity.

Many of you are either overseas waiting to come back and loot the country as you have done in the past or are blinded by your political bias.

You are the culprits hoping to divide the country and then we have the likes of Mosese Bulitavu gleefully jumping up and down demanding investigations!


Keep the A-G in Education

ET Smith, Davuilevu

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum for cleaning up the mess that was left behind at the Education Ministry.

That whole mess and fiasco needs to be avoided and to avoid that, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum needs to continue in the position.

I and a lot of teachers sincerely hope the former Minister is not given the position back.

We need strong leadership, which we are getting now.

7s team

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Players are being pressured because we have not won a tournament since Hong Kong last year.

In fact we lost nine out of the ten tournaments last year.

We can continue to support and pray but if our team continues to lose?

Then what!

Poor Infrastructure

Ravneel Sharma, Navua

It’s been a while the Fiji Roads Authority has been focusing on our tarsealed roads within the vicinity of Suva.

Those roads that lead up to the highlands or rural areas have been left idle.

Many people have been struggling to go to work from Navua because the access roads are blocked when there is heavy rain due to flooding.

The drains are present but are not effectively serving their purpose during the rainy season.

These drains have no outlets therefore heavy rain causes flash flooding and washing away of gravel from the roads.

To make it worse, the Fiji Roads Authority workers had left the sign boards and road cones to show the roads have been partly closed.

These roads have not been attended to since last month and each time we make calls to the Fiji Roads Authority, they say that our request is in the Que.

It’s strange that the advisory counsellor has no answers when members of the public pose questions regarding poor drainage and roads as he had been appointed to look at issues affecting each locality.

We request the Minister for local government to relook at the roads and drainage in Navua as it had never been in this situation before.

Fashion Show

Pramesh Sharma,Suva

It was disgusting to see photos of the recent fashion show in Denarau portraying men actually stripping on stage and covering their bare essentials with a rubber duck!

As a concerned citizen I would like to ask the organisers whether the members of the public who pay to attend the show, some with families, were advised to expect such revealing struts on the catwalk.

I also wish to question whether the corporate sponsors, who invested in the worthy cause for Cure Kids, were expecting such a level of fashion that was more raw masculinity being displayed rather than the taste of fashion; it begs me to think if the sponsors would have supported such an event if the climax was some cheap strip show!

There were some designers who worked hard to create designs, present wonderful elegant models, both male and female, to present their art.

These efforts all got washed away by sheer arrogance where someone allowed such disgraceful acts in a public centre stage.

I understand that two cabinet Ministers attended this fashion show.

I wonder how they felt after witnessing such a display.

Our Prime Minister continues to promote culture, family values, morals, dignity and importantly the  future for our children.

Such acts would definitely not get his endorsement I believe.

I hope that the this display on stage is scrutinised and legally examined.

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