Letters To The Editor, November 8th 2017

Fake news Arnold Chanel, Suva I was appalled about how people reacted to a video posted recently on social media concerning our Muslim brothers and sisters in Fiji. It is
08 Dec 2017 17:37
Letters To The Editor, November 8th 2017

Fake news

Arnold Chanel, Suva

I was appalled about how people reacted to a video posted recently on social media concerning our Muslim brothers and sisters in Fiji.

It is clear that the purveyors of this forum want to incite hatred using fake news like this to capture people’s attention.

The original video was cut and the message distorted in an obvious attempt to generate racial hatred and disharmony within our communities.

Any intelligent person who understands Hindi and watches the full video will understand how these devious operators have taken these statements, delivered as figures of speech and completely twisted their intent.

What truly concerns me is how easy it was for this video, which was clearly fake news, to fool so many people so easily.

Intelligent people are in no way fooled by these little tricks used to edit pictures and video.

We all know that Fiji is legendary around the world because we continue to be the way the world should be, with our peaceful people, kind smiles and big hearts.

This sort of manufactured hate is designed specifically to cause antagonism against people who simply wish to live side by side with each other in harmony.

It is my plea to all concerned to please refrain from using religion and race as a means to divide us for your own nefarious gain. We are not stupid enough to fall for these tricks.

God bless Fiji and all Fijians.

Memorial Stone

Vili Yaranamua, Nadi

I am so glad to see that the War Memorial Stone has found a permanent place at Koroivulu Park in Nadi.

I was at the Agriculture Show when I saw the army engineers working on the new site.

During past Bula Festivals and other functions held at the ground, the memorial stone was always scattered with all kinds of rubbish around it.

This permanent site will be the resting place for all those who sacrificed their lives and also be a good tourist attraction.

To the Republic of Fiji Military Forces personnel, thank you so much for the work done and to the people of Nadi, let us show some respect, take pride and look after this special monument.

Engraved on the stone – Fiji to The Fallen 1914/16 1939/45 1952/56. May they rest in peace.

Postal services

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

I’m disappointed with the Postal services. Those who deliver letters simply tucked the mail in our front gate during a heavy downpour and walked away.

Unfortunately, by the time I saw it, our mail was wet.

The delivery worker had access to my house which is approximately two metres away from the main road.

I strongly believe common sense should have prevailed.

Crisis concern

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

The revelation by Lifeline Fiji’s Programme Director Jeremaia Merekula that 72 per cent of the 8000 callers are men is indeed alarming.

Maybe we should have a Men’s Crisis Centre.

Hospital service and facilities

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

I remember some years back, I wrote a letter regarding the above and the letter was not published. Out of three lifts, only one was working. In an emergency the consequences could be tragic.

Its high time authorities wake up, not just in hospitals, but in other organisations as well. Far too many times things are swept under the carpet only to surface back up in more damaging ways.

If there is smoke somewhere, it’s because of fire somewhere. Act now rather than later.

Why so much discrimination?

Mohammed Zubaid Jameel, Lautoka

Market vendors in Lautoka, one of the largest municipalities in Fiji are facing hot and humid conditions during this summer season.

Fans are installed, but for some reason, they are mostly turned off.

In a visit to the market master’s office, one will find a very luxuries fully air-conditioned high class environment. I request the market master himself to come out of the shell and sit along with the market vendors to have first-hand experience of how drastic the situation is.

Do they fan themselves all day or sell vegetables? Please be prompt to seeing that all fans are working and install more fans all around the market at appropriate places. I am requesting the chief executive officer Jone Nakauvadra to please step in for the sake of the ordinary citizens of the sweet Sugar City.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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