Letters To The Editor, December 9th 2017

True Christmas Shivneel Chandra, Tavua To no surprise, the festive and merry making season ferry has prosperously anchored on the docks of this beautiful nation and many people have welcomed
09 Dec 2017 12:41
Letters To The Editor, December 9th 2017

True Christmas

Shivneel Chandra,


To no surprise, the festive and merry making season ferry has prosperously anchored on the docks of this beautiful nation and many people have welcomed it.

This is evident by the use of expensive illuminated lights on elegant Christmas trees, singing of carols on a daily basis at certain locations and trolleys full of shopping for food and beverages for enjoyment purposes.

Additionally, a large number of people who may be earning a good sum of money may decide to spend a copious fraction of their entire year’s savings on branded outfits, advanced technologies or premium liquor which in return brings enormous happinesses to their personal wellbeing only.

But what about the less fortunate, and disadvantaged people of our community, are they going to smile in this grooving and joyous occasion?

The most probable reaction would be of a disagreeing nature.

Therefore, being charitable this festive season can apparently draw out smiles and bring rays of happiness to the difficult and struggling lives of the less fortunate of our community.

There are multiple methods and means of being charitable this festive season.

First and foremost, the most effortless method would be to generously donate some money to a charitable organisation which intends to organise Christmas celebrations for underprivileged elders and children with the distribution of Christmas presents.

Secondly, people can personally visit these families and can magnanimously donate clothes, toys or even food, which is regarded as a very noble deed.

Thirdly, many people can associate themselves with a voluntary organisation which would raise funds for exceptional and progressive causes benefiting grassroots people.

Finally, from my own perspective, being charitable does not only mean sharing wealth or valuable items, but also sharing love, time, and happiness hence, some people can prefer to go to the nearest orphanage, old-age home or even hospitals to celebrate the upcoming joyous occasion with our less fortunate friends.

Conclusively, the return or the benefit of being charitable and helpful is beyond the bounds of monetary gains.

It is the satisfaction and the astounding happiness which a human being receives after helping people in need and drawing out smiles on their sad faces, which is celebrating a true Christmas.

So are you celebrating a true Christmas this season?

The Santa Claus Question

Floyd Robinson


It is that time of the month and year when parents and children are in one way or the other concerned about the gifts Santa Claus will bring over.

Having said that, how often do we think of Santa Claus?  For example, does he not suffer from loneliness or is need of companionship?   

How is climate change impacting him and his ability to deliver presents, let alone the increasing price of gifts?

Will he be watching the Cape Town Sevens this weekend? If so, will he be supporting Fiji? Whatever one’s views, Santa Claus is around the corner.

Same-sex marriage

Rajesh Lal,


Genesis chapter 2 verse 24: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”

This is God’s order of marriage and this is final.

It is a sad day for the Australian Parliament to pass the same-sex marriage law. The definition of marriage is unchangeable and that is between a male and a female.

To introduce and implement such a law is the same as rebelling against God.

What happened to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? History will repeat itself.

Watch and wait.

Equality and fairness

Joji Toronibau,


This letter is one’s request for a proper Government road, television reception and Vodafone reception. For too long, we had been silent and this is perhaps the only liberal choice to air our gripes and complaints for a fair and just expedition.

Our school children are the most vulnerable to such elements, with the sick senior citizens and the transportation of root-cash crops to and from the pick-up points.

For equity and fairness we need these essentials to enjoy the same treatment the rest of Fiji enjoys.

Please also note, that Police presence on wheels is most paramount to weed away illegal activities.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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