Letters To The Editor, 12th December, 2017

Regulate that space E T Smith, Davuilevu I applaud Aca Rawaya for his courageous question the Attorney-General’s Conference where he has rightly questioned why a small minority of our population
12 Dec 2017 11:44
Letters To The Editor, 12th December, 2017
Former Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Aca Rayawa during a panel discussion at the 19th Attorney-General’s Conference at the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa on December 9, 2017. Photo: DEPTFO News

Regulate that space

E T Smith, Davuilevu

I applaud Aca Rawaya for his courageous question the Attorney-General’s Conference where he has rightly questioned why a small minority of our population were picked on and vilified for their religion and most importantly, why nothing is being done about those who sit overseas or hide behind fake accounts on social media to add fuel to fire.

To save our country from the violence that is flaring up elsewhere, if we need to regulate our cyber space, so be it.

On that note, good job AG for a well thought out conference.

Mighty ABs

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Fiji’s old nemesis the New Zealand ABs sevens has re-emerged in South Africa winning the Cape Town sevens. What shall we do now? The SA Blitzboks is already a handful. More challenges!

Prophet Muhammad facts

Premila Singh, Suva

I whole heartedly agree with sentiments shared by Sovaia Pace of Sydney and Arnold Chanel of Suva where they have registered their outrage and dismay at social media remarks regarding comments made in jest by a Muslim cleric.

We Fijians cannot get all precious about some petty remarks and we also need to remember a few pertinent points: the cleric is from India, the outfit has been in Fiji since the 1940s so why all of a sudden now we seem to have a problem with Muslims celebrating Prophet Muhammed’s birthday in Fiji? Because some politicians have blown this out of proportion since elections are next year does not mean we get swayed so easily.

Keep a level head fellow Fijians.

Dump Fire

Narayan Reddy , Lautoka

It seems to me that  Mr Wise Muavono is blaming the Lautoka City Council for the dump fire. It also seems to me that Mr Muavono failed to understand the council CEO, who explained to the media the cause of the fire. I have seen first hand the effects of the fire and how hard it was for the fire department and city council workers to control the fire. It was sad to see people complaining, but refusing to help. Mr Muavono with his British military background was nowhere near the dump to help or give advice, but chose to drink grog with his friend Allen Lockington and write in the media. The council has already hired more security guards and even the Lautoka police force is keeping a watch on arsonists at the site. Mr Muavono you should have come forward, but wait I forgot you are not a ratepayer and that was the reason you gave the last time.

Please Wise  if you can’t help then please don’t criticise and if you need to know more about the fire or if you wish to volunteer in the future, please, visit the council office or the rate payers association so that we can help you better understand the situation of the council!

Wrong calendar printed

Virendra Lal, National Secretary, Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha, Fiji

It is a concern to us that people without proper knowledge about getting the dates of our religious festivals right, go ahead and print calendars.

In one of our meetings, I raised that we should not allow our branches to print calendars and this was not to deprive them from fundraising, but to bring about uniformity. We do not want to confuse our followers.

This is exactly what will happen when people will see one temple’s calendar. Those who collated the information did not get even the basics right. And there are a lot of spelling errors as well. I was invited to the launch of this calendar and thank GOD I did not attend otherwise I would have been seen as part of this.

We also print calendars every year and to do this we meet with the Brahman Purohit Maha Sabha members (Central Division), we also sit with Brahman Sabha (west) members and also liaise with Akhil Brahman Sabha (north) so that all our dates are the same and when the calendars are printed there is no confusion among our followers.

Not only this, we give 50 cents per calendar to whoever sells our calendar. Mostly our branches sell our calendars and they get 50 cents per calendar without any sweat. We do all the work, print it and give you the final product. You only need to sell our ( Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha, Fiji) calendars and get 50 cents per calendar sold. The more you sell the more you get and there is no limit to how many you want to sell.

By way of this email, I humbly request Sanatan followers not to promote or sell calendars that do not have the right information as pointed out by punditji as this will confuse our members. If you really want to sell calendars, please come to the Sanatan Headquarters as we still have some 2018 calendars to be sold and you will also be able to make some money for yourself or your branch.

We shall discuss in our next meeting, what needs to be done to stop people, who print calendars with the wrong information and just to make money and do not consider the effects it will have on our followers.

Thank you punditji. Vishwa Sanatan Dharm Ki Jai for bringing this issue to our attention.

In praise of Rosy

Naca Nabutu, 9 Miles

Often we have heard so many, many negative things about our health system but I wanted to publicly acknowledge the work our Health Minister Rosy Akbar does. 

She is the first Health Minister whose mobile number I and many like me have on our mobile phones, who answers calls at all hours and who has personally taken people to hospital when ambulances have been late.

I don’t even remember who the Health Minister in the SDL Government was, let alone what his or her mobile number was. Vinaka vakalevu Rosy.

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