Letters To The Editor,13th December 2017

Acting PM Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi I congratulate the Minister for Women, Children, and Poverty Alleviation Mereseini Vuniwaqa for being chosen as Acting PM (FS 11/12). This shows her obvious support
13 Dec 2017 16:14
Letters To The Editor,13th December 2017
Pacific Community Principal Strategic Lead – Pacific Women, Mereseini Rakuita.

Acting PM

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

I congratulate the Minister for Women, Children, and Poverty Alleviation Mereseini Vuniwaqa for being chosen as Acting PM (FS 11/12).

This shows her obvious support for Party policies and indeed good oversight of the whole administrative structure and surely the competency displayed. It was Jone Usamate before.

Social media attack motives

Miriam Sau,  New Zealand

I watched the video of Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum closing the 19th Conference and what struck me is that while delivering those remarks he had said some people who did not receive Government tenders or lawyers whose firms no longer receive Government legal work are either being very vocal in trying to undermine the Government or are conveniently keeping shut even when they know what is being said on social media is incorrect.

Any right thinking Fijian will not brush aside such comments. Any right thinking Fijian can easily connect the dots and know who these people are. And, any right thinking Fijian will question the motive behind some of the comments and allegations the same people post on social media.

As I think more about this, I can easily see a pattern emerging. Business people or their employees comment in favour of Government thinking that they will earn brownie points and get certain tenders. When that does not happen, they change their tune and start criticising everything. Are we going to let this go unchallenged? Are we going to sit back and allow some Fijians tear our country apart because they did not get a Government tender? Food for thought dear brothers and sisters.

Ratu Ganilau Park

Joji Toronibau,  Tunuloa

A few months back, I witnessed the issuance of Small Micro Enterprises grants to beneficiaries at Ratu Ganilau Park, Savusavu.

While leisurely observing the crowd enthusiasm’, I could see hordes of multitudes filing up the unfinished ‘pavilion.

Although, it was covered with yellow ribbon like warnings the pavilion was filled to capacity.

Then an announcement soon came through the high pitched speakers that if people do sit there, it will soon collapse.

The crowd, jumped, leaped, slinked, and flew from their seats in an unceremonious fashion.

I stood back and had a little laugh.

Although the pavilion was great as well as the fence, the uneven ground has left much to be desired.

Perhaps, it will be upgraded to a standard like Eden Park of Auckland!!

Then our sports enthusiasm in the North will be addressed.

7s performance

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Suva

Most fans of Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team will be angry that we lost again to South Africa in the Cape Town 7s quarter final and some will be quick to write off our team.

I believe our boys performed well and they would have silenced the home crowd if they had concentrated more and did the basics right.

It is time for Coach Baber to bring in some big boys or get the current team to go on a ball and all tackle course, which was one thing that was driven into our Fiji 7s teams a couple of years ago.

It is good for the team to take one game at a time, but did they plan and set out the path to follow to reach the Cape Town 7s Cup final?

The Coach of the Canada 7s team already had that in mind when he was interviewed after his team shut off our boys in Pool play, when he replied, “We don’t want to meet South Africa in the quarter final.”

Despite losing to Canada and being second in its pool, our boys performed well to be third in the overall points table with 28 points, while New Zealand lead with 41 points, followed by South Africa on 39 points.

Had Fiji won and topped their pool, our boys would have had an easy pathway to the Cup final and would have registered their first tournament win.

But, this is all wishful thinking now and we all hope that Coach Baber and the Fiji 7s team will sit and watch the replays of all their games in the last two legs and work on all the basics that need to be improved on.

Our boys are just magic when they strut their stuff on full concentration mode, but it is when they lack concentration and lose the ball is where they pay the price by losing the game.

Vinaka boys, you are a champion team and we all hope you will learn from your mistakes in the last two tournaments and win one or both of the next two legs.

Go Fiji go.

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