Letters To The Editor, 16th December 2017

A-G brings services Arti Nair, Nasinu I just wanted to congratulate the Attorney-General on the effective work he has done with the reforms of the civil service. Civil servants now
16 Dec 2017 12:41
Letters To The Editor, 16th December 2017

A-G brings services

Arti Nair, Nasinu

I just wanted to congratulate the Attorney-General on the effective work he has done with the reforms of the civil service. Civil servants now have put the service back in their jobs. Kudos!

Right background needed

Sunil Prasad, Suva

We definitely need a person with strong engineering background in Water Authority of Fiji. Now is also a good time to check the qualification of all holding management positions within WAF whether they are relevant to what WAF is..

Powerful predators

Christopher Griffin, Perth, Western Australia

In Fiji, sexual offences including rape, mostly against women and children, continued to escalate in 2017.

Abroad, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, and President Donald Trump are accused of predatory sexual behaviour against women.

In Britain politicians, including senior Ministers, have resigned facing similar allegations. The common denominator is abuse by powerful men.

Men with a sense of physical and social entitlement.

Another commonality is the culture of silence embedded in institutions led by such men.

The entertainment industry, political parties, parliaments, prisons, churches, corporations, schools and universities.

In Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, and USA special commissions have been investigating such things. People are facing court, institutions are being forced into making reparation.

Society at large is acknowledging what it has long suspected or known but been afraid to admit.

Of course such corrections would not be happening  were it not for courageous women (youths and children) speaking-up as survivors of sexual violence or intimidation. Thus what began with a few  women along with journalists willing to speaking truth to power, has gathered momentum.

“Me-Too” is the catch-cry.

So what about Fiji? Will sexual abusers in powerful positions here be called to account? Remembering that not all those with power are rich. Poor men too have domestic power.

And are women playing their part in prising open those cultural norms that protect men and the institutions they dominate at national or grassroots level?

These are matters that need talking about. Hand-wringing, moral platitudes, naive and complicit cultural ‘forgiveness’ won’t do.

What is needed is a long-hard look at Fiji’s social, cultural, and economic structures bending under global pressures that arguably underpin the upsurge in sexual offences.  Above all, solid research and investigative journalism is needed by persons willing to listen.

WAF move right move

Senaca Nabutu, Davuilevu

The decision of the Water Authority of Fiji board in my humble opinion is the correct one. Not much changed in the service delivery of WAF.

Case in point where I personally called in regarding a burst pipe. It was fixed two weeks and hundreds of litres of water later. What needs to be done now is for a civil service reform type reform be done within WAF.

Their customer service is one of the worst. They have certainly trumped the poor service delivery of the Lands Department but that all changed under Minister Faiyaz Koya.

But, I applaud and support the decision to find another chief executive officer for WAF who has engineering knowledge too.

Fiji’s performance at mini games

Dharmendra Kumar , Suva

Athletics seems to be on the right track, but must continue the momentum. These young athletes must be monitored because they have huge potential. I strongly feel that Athletics Fiji needs a overseas coach and will once again start dominating the tracks if we get the right expertise.

We will have a new sprint king soon. Aaron Powell needs to train hard and humility will no doubt make him a champion athlete.

Men’s soccer, boxing and rugby sevens was a huge disappointment. There was a lot of talk and hype before the games but unfortunately they were not able to deliver the goods.

A thorough evaluation must be done and probably heads must roll. One thing that amazed me was the standard displayed by. women soccer players.

Marika Rodu has done a great job despite their loss. I have no doubt they will build a champion team in the very near future.

Weightlifting’s performance can be best described as, a spark that has burst into flames. What an awesome performance by the team. Manueli Tulo, Apolonia Vaivai, Cikamatana, Vueti, team weightlifting and Levuka vinaka vakalevu.

Team Fiji, strive to better your performance.

Insurance cover

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka.

I have been told that the insurance cover for housing, motor vehicles and other covers have gone up.

Since government decided to remove the compulsory third party policy from insurance companies I believe they have decided to increase other premiums.

Can the government please look into these issues and regulate insurance companies?

A line up of failed politicians

Tukai Lagonilakeba , Namaka, Nadi

Apart from the irresponsible disastrous 14th May, 1987 Rabuka Coup de tat, the 2000 civilian coup by Speight will go down in the annals of our country’s history as a hooligan’s free will and many of those who supported it are now supporting SODELPA led by none other than Sitiveni Rabuka.

Watch out and beware Fijians, they are part of the failed politicians from the past, they rear their heads in many forms.

There is not much one can say about the final list of the now combined SODELPA and former PDP candidates, in summary they are mostly made up of past unsuccessful political candidates.

Their party manifestos were in total contrast to each other for the 2014 General Election, they are now both sleeping on the same bed for the sake of convenience and cannot be trusted to lead and move our country forward.

Right thinking eligible Fijian voters are fortunate to have been subjected to the early announcement by the SODELPA management because we can all now go back and make an assessment of their involvement and contribution to their many past negative input into our country’s development, economy, safety and security.

There are many reasons we can come up with, but I will allow all those right thinking Fijians to make their own democratic judgement in casting their all-important votes come our 2018 National Election

Stop attacks on Muslims

Geeta Pillay,  Suva

Enough with the Muslim bashing that is going on in the country.


Amenatave Yaconisau, Lami

The uncertainties within SODELPA  continues with the withdrawal of support by  Tomasi Wainiqiqolo Vakatora, apparently joining Unity Fiji Party(FS 15/12)

SOS signs of cracks are rife in the opposition parties with Lynda Tabuya joining the SODELPA camp allegedly without consulting members. Smoke and Fire?

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