Letters To The Editor, December 17th 2017

Wrong qualification Daya Wati, Nausori I write to back up what Senaca Nabutu wrote in FS 16/12 about Water Authority of Fiji. Countless calls need to be made before anything
17 Dec 2017 12:42
Letters To The Editor, December 17th 2017

Wrong qualification

Daya Wati, Nausori

I write to back up what Senaca Nabutu wrote in FS 16/12 about Water Authority of Fiji. Countless calls need to be made before anything gets done. Opetaia Ravai may be a qualified person but his qualification is not in the right field.

It is about getting the right people at the right positions and with that we need to move this country forward.  But his and the entire organisation’s attitude is not the right one. From a customer’s perspective their attitude is very callous and slow boat to China approach and the attitude of a monopoly.

Our vote on Jerusalem

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Waila, Nausori

Fiji’s vote against recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at the UN is in accordance with the same stand Fiji has taken since our independence in 1970. We have not changed.

The Ratu Mara Government, the Bavadra Government, the Rabuka Government, The Chaudhary Government, the Qarase Government and now the Bainimarama Government have all taken the same stand.

The State of Israel was declared on 14th May 1948. All US Presidents from 1948 including John F Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, the two Bush, Bill Clinton and right up to Barrack Obama have taken the same stand. In fact all nations in the world took the same stand until two weeks ago when Donald Trump became the first world leader to do otherwise.

Today’s social media is full of claims that Fiji’s recent vote at the UN was another step in the “Islamization” of Fiji. They accuse the Bainimarama Government of this, but not all the former Prime Ministers of Fiji before him who took the same stand.

According to archaeological findings, Jerusalem was first settled about 6500 years ago (about 4500 BC). It is today a holy city to the three major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Some Biblical Scholars believe that the “binding of Isaac” mentioned in the bible actually took place in Jarusalem around 1,850 BC. But history states that it only became significant to Judaism after King David captured it in 1000 BC and named it as the “City of David”. Christianity is today only 2000 years old and Islam about 1300 years old.

This means that Jerusalem has been settled for over 3000 years under various names by different rulers before any of the three religions holding it sacred today ever saw its significance.

But even after it became the City of David, dozens of rulers have ruled Jerusalem thereon from the Asyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Mongols, Jews, Turks, Christians and Muslims.

No city in the world today has seen so much bloodshed in its history than Jerusalem.

One of the worst rulers of Jerusalem was when Christians captured it in 1099 AD under the First Crusade and slaughtered almost all of its Muslims and Jews inhabitants. But when the Islamic War Lord, Saladin took it back in 1187 AD, he allowed Jews, Christians and other Non-Muslims to live.

For Muslims, Jerusalem (known as Al-Quds, the Holy) is where Muhammad ascended to heaven. For Christians, Jerusalem is where Jesus walked, was crucified and resurrected. For Jews, Jerusalem or the “City of David” is where King David brought the Ark of the Covenant to be kept.

In recognising the delicate nature and sensitivity of the Jerusalem issue on all three religions, the United Nations took the stand not to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital until both the Israelis and the Palestinians come to an agreement. Fiji whose soldiers have been employed by the UN as peacekeepers in the surrounding regions has therefore always taken this stand and cannot afford to be seen as biased towards any party.

Fiji’s recent vote at the UN is therefore based on pure common sense and nothing at all Islamic about it.

Satan Is Real

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I entirely agree with Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church that ‘Satan is a real person not a mist'(FS 16/12; Newshub) and tell him to ‘go away’ as the Lord Jesus Christ said to him in Mathew 16(23). But Revelation 2(13) says other spirits further his goals. Save us!

Second hand items

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

Our country has been dumped with second hand items, from furniture to electric items and clothing. Every second or third shop is a second hand item shop. Sometime ago Fiji was used as a dumping group for tyres and Government stopped that dumping.

Can my government please put a stop to the second hand items? Second hand items got no warranty and some cost more than new items. I believe strict regulations should be put in place so price for new items can come down!

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