Letters To The Editor, 22nd December 2017

Desecration of Hindu temple Dewan Chand , Suva I wish to express my deep shock at the horrendous desecration of the Tirath Dham mandir within the precincts of Maharishi Sanatan
22 Dec 2017 15:27
Letters To The Editor, 22nd December 2017

Desecration of Hindu temple

Dewan Chand , Suva

I wish to express my deep shock at the horrendous desecration of the Tirath Dham mandir within the precincts of Maharishi Sanatan College, Votualevu, Nadi.

This is a rape of a religion by some hoodlums who are bent on pushing religious intolerance to its limits.

This will send shock waves throughout Hindu society who are gearing up to celebrate Christmas with their Christian brothers and sisters.

I hope this attack is not politically motivated to scare the vulnerable sections of Fijian society.

The FijiFirst Government has given us the common name Fijian so that all communities identify as a common nationality.

Advertisements are being mass communicated via TV, Radio and newspapers that we all are Fijians and that we all are one!

The attempt is to promote a sense of nationalism, promote respect and tolerance for all religions, cultures, languages and ethnic groups.

However, this message seems to be falling on some deaf ears.

The Commissioner of Police has assured the public that thorough investigations will be carried out and the culprits apprehended and brought to justice.

Well this is exactly what the Hindu community expects from the police.

Having come this far in creating harmony , peace, tolerance and love amongst the communities of Fiji; we do not want to go back to the ugly days of racism ,racial strife and hatred within our communities.

Temple desecration and prayer

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Suva

I believe the social media has a part to play in this temple desecration (FS 20/12) but lately, there is a political move within some Christian Churches who are preaching for a change in Government, come the next General Election and its first agenda is to return Fiji into a Christian State.

Winston and so called other religious and demonic forces at work in Fiji are being blamed on our current Secular State.

Lest we forget, when our PM was deciding a name to call his Party, he came up with FijiFirst, meaning all Fijians to be put first and on a level playing field, that no race or religion will be favoured by his Government, therefore a secular state.

Today, everywhere you go in Fiji you can hear Christian Churches praying about the coming election, just like before the 2014 election, for God to choose our ruling Government.

The landslide FijiFirst Party victory in 2014 is therefore God’s will, including the secular state.

The Bible does not teach that we should force Christ into the lives of non-Christians, but it does teach that when God was born a human being on that first Christmas some 2000 years ago, he came to live and die for them too!

Let us stop this non-Christian act of temple desecration but let us fast and pray for the character of Christ to be formed in us and continue in sharing the Gospel to all unbelievers, for a witness (Matt.24:14).

ATS workers

Amenatave Yaconisau ,  Delainavesi

I am glad that some Air Terminal Services (ATS) workers have returned to work and more  are expected to return today (FS 21/12).

The forces working against collective bargaining are substantial in Fiji which makes Airport administration fragile.

While unionists don’t want to see a decline in their strength, the ATS Board has offered to employ workers if they sign the letter.

I hope there is cooperation from ATS workers given the mechanism of ownership.

Christmas dinner

Wise Muavono ,  Lautoka

Christmas dinner is a meal traditionally eaten at Christmas.

This meal can take place any time from the evening of Christmas Eve to the evening of Christmas Day itself.

The meals are often particularly rich and substantial.

Last year he curried a ploughing goat from Buabua

This year my mate Cameron will lovo one whole wild boar.

I heard this particular wild boar have terrorised farms and livestock in Teidamu in recent years.

I reckon the wild boar meat would be so firm, you eat it on Christmas day and you’d still be chewing it on Boxing day.

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