Letters To The Editor, 23rd December 2017

Road hazards Satish Nakched,  Suva It is pleasing to note that the road repairs which includes the  resealing of the surface of the King’s Road from the World Harvest Centre 
23 Dec 2017 18:40
Letters To The Editor, 23rd December 2017

Road hazards

Satish Nakched,  Suva

It is pleasing to note that the road repairs which includes the  resealing of the surface of the King’s Road from the World Harvest Centre  traffic lights at Kinoya up to the junction of the Ratu Dovi Road near the R.B.Patel Supermarket is almost completed.

The road marking are yet to be done which will bring about  safer driving. However on the same stretch of the said road which is about a kilometre in length towards Nausori when going from the Suva end has hazards in the form of the chamber boxes.

There are eleven to be exact which are protruding from the surface of the road. The average size of the chambers is approximately a metre square sticking out about two inches from the road surface. They are made of concrete.

The chambers contain the main water valves and some are storm water junctions. This becomes a dangerous obstruction for the unsuspecting drivers and with a little travelling speed, it can become a contributor to an accident.

The chambers do not have any warning device or signage to act as a precautionary administration control and there are unconfirmed reports of accidents and vehicle damages.

Prior to the road works these concrete chambers were flush with the road level and the vehicles can easily go over it without any problems.

The dangers of the current hazards are that the vehicle tyres can come off the cars due to the impact of hitting the barrier. Other serious damages may occur.

The numerous traffic hazards throughout the area can turn a drive into an obstacle course with drivers zigzagging to avoid the pitfall and the risk goes beyond vehicle damage to threaten personal safety.

Due to the densely populated area the motorists pose a great risk and will have to swerve to avoid such dangers becoming a risk to nearby pedestrians.

This area has schools, supermarkets and a few places of worship and poses a risk to all.

It is also noted that on both the ends of the four mile bridge the road level is much lower than the surface of the bridge and the drivers have to reduce speed drastically to avoid a bump when going over it.

If the road is not completed than there must be temporary road signages to advise the drivers of such hazards that they are approaching for the safety of all the travelling public.

RESPONSE: Insurance Cover

Premila Kumar,  Consumer Council of Fiji CEO

We refer to Narayan Reddy’s letter on “Insurance Cover” in the Fiji Sun on 16/12/17.

The Council would like to emphasise that the premium for every insurance product is priced individually.

Removal of Compulsory Third Party Insurance should not affect other insurance products.

There is no reason for other premiums to go up when a product is removed from the market.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji, being the regulatory body, may be in the best position to shed more light on this issue.

Watch your consumption

Spencer Robinson, Suva

Can you imagine the amount of grog (and sugary chasers), alcohol, spirits and it’s complimentary good (for most people) – cigarettes, that is being consumed during the month of December!

Perhaps ‘substantial’ would be the correct answer.

Yes it must be the festive season after all, which would explain such an exponential increase in consumption of the ‘things’ that are indeed expensive and also one of the contributors to Non-communicable Diseases (NCD’s).

Healthy choices and living is perhaps the best option at this stage as a means to prevent NCD’s.

ATS Saga

Ronnie Chang,  Nadi

Rightly or wrongly, rather sadly, ‘Two wrongs do not make one right’

Somehow, and some way, mature decisions, with much bravery, both parties, must now, take a bold step back.

Pause and pull back from the brink.

Scoring “Brownie points” is not the answer.

In the true spirit, of our Messiah’s coming, in Christmas joy, peace, harmony and goodwill, I pray good sense prevails, compromises must be reached for the good of all workers’ families, company, union and indeed the country.

Fiji cannot afford to see our vibrant tourism industry to suffer in any way.

Please remember, “Pride always comes before a fall.”

Hosting 7s

Amenatave Yaconisau ,  Delainavesi

It would be hard to support Fiji Airways Men’s 7s team in our bid to hosting a tournament (FS 22/11).

The last time Fiji sevens team won in the HSBC Competition was in Hong Kong last year.

We lost 9/10 tournaments last year and already two this season.

You can’t beat a dead horse to a run they say.

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