Data Cleansing

Efficient and effective revenue collection is a key driver for financing development and strengthening good governance. Information technology (IT) has a great potential to improve revenue collection by automating processes,
30 Dec 2017 09:33
Data Cleansing

Efficient and effective revenue collection is a key driver for financing development and strengthening good governance.

Information technology (IT) has a great potential to improve revenue collection by automating processes, better servicing taxpayers and increasing compliance.

However, this can only be done if we have an up to date taxpayer information base.

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) is currently undertaking a data cleansing project to update all taxpayer registration information.

This initiative is undertaken in line with FRCS strategy to modernise its processes and systems and to provide efficient taxpayer services that will enable online lodgments, payments, real-time updates and access to your tax information.

This will be made possible in future with the introduction of a robust online taxpayer portal.

Before we upgrade our systems, it is important that we verify your information details that is currently captured in our system.

If we have correctly captured your information, this will make it much easier for you to access our services, comply with tax laws and for FRCS to provide the necessary advice and support.


MyInfo Portal

Taxpayers can use the MyInfo Portal on our website to update their current details as well.

You can update your information through the comfort of your home or office without filling any form or visiting any FRCS office.

The MyInfo portal will capture details like your current residential address, phone numbers, email address, nature of your business (if any) and bank account information.

The portal has been developed to encourage taxpayers to register and update their information online.

To access this service, you will have to first register yourself by visiting our website



Unregistered taxpayers

Other taxpayers who are not registered but would like to update their information are welcome to do so.

For further enquiries, please contact the nearest FRCS office to your location or email

Our offices will be more than happy to assist you.

Taxpayers can also access the information update form from our website change-of- address/


Voluntary compliance

With the number of tax incentives and amnesty, we expect our taxpayers to voluntary

comply with their tax obligations.

We want to build a healthy relationship with taxpayers.

A relationship of “Trust”.

We at the FRCS constantly review our tax and customs legislations and processes for ease of doing business in Fiji.

We have even introduced the VAT self –assessment whereby we take the figures on the VAT returns as face value.

We also request the tax agents to follow proper procedure while filing tax returns on behalf of their clients.

Some prominent accounting firms in the country have been found to be involved with certain businesses to defraud the government.

It is rather unfortunate that certain businesses seek the services of the accountants in order to prepare their financial books in such a way so they can defraud the government and to avoid paying their share of taxes.

Individuals and companies who are found guilty of defrauding the government can face penalties or jail term.


Going Forward

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service will implement a number of technological changes with regards to the payment of taxes and improving its processes and timelines.

One of the main areas currently being looked into is the electronic payments and lodgment of returns.

This will enable our taxpayers to make a payment from anywhere as long as you have an Internet or phone connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you file your returns online, you are creating a permanent electronic record for your use in the future.

If a question comes up about your tax return, you will not have to dig through filing cabinets or giant stacks of paper.

Instead, you can pull up your information on your computer and get to work right away.

Whilst we have imposed severe penalties and fines for tax offenders, FRCS is committed to implement processes for ease of doing business in Fiji, however, this comes with much trust and honesty on the part of businesses to be voluntarily compliant.

FRCS is here to administer the tax and Customs laws and it is our duty to ensure fairness and consistency in application of the law thus creating a level playing field for all taxpayers.

Non-compliant taxpayers will face the full brunt of the law.



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