Letters To The Editor, 6th January 2018

Chaudhry’s FLP survey Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi Interesting to note Mahendra Chaudhry’s press statement in the Fiji Sun (January 4; Page 10) where he criticised and claimed the Opposition and our
06 Jan 2018 16:03
Letters To The Editor, 6th January 2018
Mahendra Chaudhry

Chaudhry’s FLP survey

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Interesting to note Mahendra Chaudhry’s press statement in the Fiji Sun (January 4; Page 10) where he criticised and claimed the Opposition and our FijiFirst Government had failed our people and country miserably the past four years.

SODELPA with their NFP opposition partnership did play their role good-humouredly although apart from the many parliamentary walkouts and boycotts together with their many defeated ill-conceived motions with their outrageous and disgraceful vote of no confidence against our courageous PM, Voreqe Bainimarama, I believe that was all the opposition can be well remembered for.

The fact of the matter is that the Fiji Labour Party and Chaudhry have been missing in action in our parliament and have not contributed to national duties ever since 2000 up until to date 2018 where they have miserably failed to win a seat and contribute constructively to our new democracy and nation building.

Where have you been all this time Mahendra Chaudhry?

Christian behaviour

Joe Gonewai, Suva

For several weeks on this school holiday, we were fully entertained at our area near Gospel School where many different charismatic Christian groups held their conferences scheduled for weeks with music and preaching.

Even though we appreciate these events, community residents of Rewa, Belo, Kanavi, Howard, Ruve and Dhanji streets were fully shattered by the reckless noise.

The organisers seem to have lost their first love and consideration on the well-being of the residents and neighbours of Gospel High School when they use their large sound equipment.

The use of these sound equipment raised one question from the many non-Christian residents – does the God they serve have a hearing problem? By the way, the Word of God and Gospel Music does not warrant this heavy music sound equipment to make it powerful.

The first rule of Christianity is love – to love God and love your neighbour. To love your neighbour is to be concerned about their well-being, peace and situation.

Many of our residents consist of retired citizens who are early settlers of the Samabula areas.

They were kept awake till 3am throughout the period of these conventions; they were also abruptly awoken at 5am.

As a Christian, I am asking if the elders of these camping church groups have the wisdom, knowledge, discretion, experience, maturity, decency, consideration and understanding to be aware of the plight of the many residents who dwell these surrounding areas.

They have been subjected and tormented to excessive noise produced from these sizeable speakers for weeks. It is also harmful to their health when they are unable have a peaceful mind and sleep for weeks.

It is unfortunate that the Gospel church has been dragged in to these issues. I do hope that the Gospel School Board take into consideration in future about hiring out the school for such events.

In addition, similar issues were raised from some residents at Sukanaivalu Road, who face a similar experience in the evening and on a weekly basis throughout the year from a church group that conducts their services at Ratu Sukuna Memorial School.

For all these Christian groups who execute and conduct similar modus operandi, please bear your first love to the residents and their well-being over publicity and fame as the word power does not change from the sound you make, but of the love and practise of the word in honouring God’s name.

ATS Saga

Norman Yee , Nadi

As a former chief executive officer of Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF) hence ex board member of Air Terminal Service on the Government side and an ex unionist, may I offer my two bits to ATS after reading and listening to media reports.

One writer had earlier noted two wrongs do not make a right. The workers should not have walked out without authorisation.

One can understand the leaders’ frustrations, 11 long years without cost of living adjustments (COLA), other grievances not attended to, two ATS Employees Trust (ATSET) workers representatives on the board dismissed and not replaced as per agreement and to add salt to the wound seemingly attempting to sell off the workers’ stake in the company without their knowledge.

My advice to workers: Go back to work.

You alone are suffering as your lockout or walkout of small numbers is not effective and operations are normal. The rest of the staff members are not with you.

Though the unionists and other politicans are with you, the cards are stacked against you. Neither the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama nor anyone else in Government are with you.

As the saying goes ‘ you can’t beat city hall.’ So please face up to reality.

Getting international unions to boycott Fiji is hurting more people especially when your walk out was in the wrong.

You could probably end up like the Vatukola Gold Miners who were still on strike and were without jobs.

If your grievances are genuine, take the lawful path.

As for management the hard line taken is symptomatic of the situation at ATS. Why the delay to COLA? Why reduce the workers reps on the Board?

It seems management is treating the workers not as partners or shareholders but simply as employees.

Surely they are more than that.

The present situation is aggravated because management in retaliation locked the workers out thus causing more chaos. Instead it should have let them back in and then take disciplinary action which is well within its rights.

Management, it’s time to be magnanimous and to end the stalemate, let them back in without a ‘sorry letter ‘ but send them all a warning letter in due course, since you are still the boss, aren’t you? It should also normalise the membership of the Board. Or is it the long term strategy to  nullify the staff ownership?

With Government taking a stand and the unions the other, it is hard to work out who is at fault. When did this hardline attitude start?

Maybe a Commission of Inquiry could be established. Otherwise matters could escalate further. And we will all be suffering.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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