Court Briefs

Man charged with indecent assault A 27-year-old Air Terminal Services worker charged with one count of inde­cent assault on a female appeared yesterday in the Nadi Magistrates Court. Dipikesh Red­dy of
12 Jan 2018 11:21
Court Briefs

Man charged with indecent assault

A 27-year-old Air Terminal Services worker charged with one count of inde­cent assault on a female appeared yesterday in the Nadi Magistrates Court.

Dipikesh Red­dy of Kerebula, Nadi, appeared before Magistrate Peni Daletuicama and was granted bail of $500. No plea has been taken. Reddy worked as baggage handler at the Nadi International Airport.

It is alleged that the incident happened on November 7 last year when Reddy inde­cently assaulted the 19-year-old security officer in front of people.

The case has been adjourned to the Janu­ary 19, for his plea to be taken.




Magistrate adjourns alleged order breach

The trial for an unemployed man was ad­journed yesterday following a request by the lawyers to prepare well for the case.

The 44-year-old accused was to have his case heard by Magistrate Deepika Prakash; he is charged with breaching his Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO).

The accused denied approaching his ex-wife on October 22, 2016 but ordered oth­ers to remove all her belongings from the house and load it onto a carrier, which was parked outside.

He alleged that the complainant had tak­en another man inside the house.

Police prosecutor Corporal Sanil Kumar told Magistrate Prakash that one of the State witness was not present, thus the case could not go on.

The defence lawyer also submitted that she was not in good health to proceed with the hearing.

Accordingly, Magistrate Prakash ad­journed the case for hearing on April 25 and told the lawyers that she would not tolerate any excuses on the next court date.

Bail for the accused was extended and his case adjourned for the continuation of the hearing.


Suva lawyer charged with traffic offence

Suva lawyer Shannon Kumar appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday charged with a traffic related offence.

Kumar was represented by fellow coun­sel Alipate Qetaki while Police Prosecu­tor Sergeant Jitendra Singh appeared for the State.

Mr Qetaki told Magistrate Deepika Prakash that he had made representa­tion to State counsel on December 11 last year and was awaiting the outcome of his representation.

Mr Qetaki said his client was ready to take his plea. Magistrate Prakash said the court would wait for the result of his representation to the State before Ku­mar’s plea could be heard.

Mr Qetaki also sought the court’s indul­gence to excuse the accused’s presence in the next court date as the accused was being transferred by his employer to be based at their Sigatoka office.

Magistrate Prakash excused Kumar’s presence in the next court date. Howev­er, she said that the accused was being charged with an offence that required his presence in court.

It was crucial that he was present in court for other Court dates thereafter.

Kumar’s bail was extended and the case was adjourned to April 5.


Court queries

improper release

Police Prosecution was ordered by the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday to give an explanation as to why an accused man was released by escorting officers when he was remanded by the court.

A bench warrant was issued against Vilimoni Daunabuna after he failed to appear in court yesterday.

Daunabuna is charged with one count of escape from lawful custody after he al­legedly escaped from the Suva Court Cell Block on June 5 last year.

Magistrate Prakash ordered Police Prosecutor Sergeant Jitendra Singh to give an explanation on the next court date as to why the accused was released.

The case has been adjourned to April 11 for mention.


Sentence activated against single dad

Suva Magistrate Deepika Prakash yester­day activated a four month sentence against a 24-year-old single father after he failed to pay the $450 fine imposed by the court.

Accused Joji Waqasaqa was given a two year suspended sentence on September 22 last year after he pleaded guilty to stealing a female complainant’s purse at Friend’s Nite Club on April 29 last year.

In his mitigation, Waqasaqa told the court that he was a first time offender and had co-operated with the Police.

He also sought the Court’s forgiveness and promised never to reoffend.

The accused also requested a lenient sentence and claimed that the money stolen was recovered, however the Pros­ecution confirmed that no cash was re­covered.

Magistrate Prakash had convicted and sentenced Waqasaqa for one count of theft and ordered him to pay $450 to the court within 90 days as compensation to the complainant.

When the case was called for review yesterday Magistrate Prakash was in­formed that the accused had failed to pay the fine.

Accordingly Waqasaqa’s absence was noted and his suspended sentence was activated to be served effective forth­with.



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