Letters To The Editor: 15th January, 2018

Stop Provocation Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Namaka, Nadi The Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) general secretary Felix Anthony is recorded in a daily newspaper on Sunday 14 and this is the content
15 Jan 2018 14:08
Letters To The Editor: 15th January, 2018
Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) General Secretary Felix Anthony

Stop Provocation

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Namaka, Nadi

The Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) general secretary Felix Anthony is recorded in a daily newspaper on Sunday 14 and this is the content of what he boisterously shouted in front of all those present on the day.

“Let’s shut this country down, today we have just shut down Nadi Town and we are going to shut down bigger things if we don’t get a resolution to the Air Terminal Services (ATS) strike”.

Is that a threat and is it inciting? National security and the welfare of the nation is of utmost importance. Felix must stop the provocation as Fijians interpret differently.

I would like to ask our Divisional Police Commander West Senior Superitendant Khan and our Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho to please investigate the above statements made by Felix at the Nadi District School compound after their march from Nadi Town.

That is to see if he has gone overboard with his statements which can be deemed inciting.

The FTUC has already applied for another march on February 24th but I would like to call on relevant government authorities not to allow them a permit to march in Suva.

The one in Nadi was good enough as that is simply justifiable because it is where the ATS is based and the saga should be confined and it must remain here.

The Nadi march itself has given the message across to the target audience.

Everyone in Fiji knows that this is a great opportunity and the marches are politically motivated by SODELPA, National Federation Party, Fiji Labour Party and Unity Fiji in the guise of using the ATS issue and their workers as a front to achieve their many hidden political agendas.

It is disturbing to physically see our educational institution at the Nadi District Primary School is being subjected and used as a party venue for the FTUC, the political parties present with the ATS Union, supporters with their sympathisers.

I would like to suggest the FTUC president Dan Urai and his many union cronies to move the picketing site away from the ATS frontage down to his Fiji Hotel Workers Union office opposite Nadi District School and Ratu Navula College.

There it is private, clean, it has toilets for both men and women, a large compound together with cooking facilities, there are also union telephones available in the office for free for striking workers to use.

I guess the office is also their entitlement as union members affiliated to FTUC.

This he must urgently do if he does genuinely care for the welfare and health of the striking workers and their supporters.

Understanding vital

Pramesh Naidu ,  Martintar, Nadi

As a concerned citizen of my country I would like to express my disappointment at the organisation of the march yesterday by the Fiji Trades Union Congress in support of some Air Terminal Services who have been on strike since December 16, 2018.

The march had close to 900 people with big names missing. I believe that due to the heat in Nadi it got the town in a mess.

About 10,000 people and a thousand cars were stuck in traffic or had to stop in between their shopping to allow for the movement of people in the march.

Already these ATS workers have put the country down by leaving their important responsibilities. Yesterday was no different as children and parents were made to discontinue their school shopping until the marches have passed them.

Buses were late for their trips. Many parents, children and even some tourists had to walk to town since the driveways were blocked.

I also have a question to the relevant authorities who issue permits for such marches to consider factors of disruption to the general public who are not even interested. I strongly believe whatever the the situation is understanding is vital.

Forward march

Narayan Reddy ,  Lautoka

It was reported that some 8000 people came to march for the ATS workers on Saturday, that’s a very big crowd. I understand that most opposition political parties took part in that March.

Well my government will surely look into the problem and I am sure the good Prime Minister and Attorney-General will fix the problem in no time.

That’s why my government is called FijiFirst because they do care.

Football interest

Shariff Shah ,  Savusavu

The whole world watches the English Premier League.

Our own people have lost interest and don’t even watch the Fiji FA sanctioned games. Half of the pavilions are empty. Pictures in the dailies do not lie.

Can the “top brass of FFA” please inform the fans the reasons for the above? It may be your bread and butter but you certainly don’t own the game.

Nadawa road

Tomasi Boginiso ,  Nasinu

After a very long time I decided to take the Nadawa Road just to have a look around.

It’s been two years since the road was upgraded, but to my surprise the road was littered with potholes. Either the work on the road was not done properly or the proper procedures to repair the road were not followed.

Nadawa, is probably one of the most densely populated areas in Nasinu, but it turns out the roads are getting back to their former look and worse.

For transparency, can the relevant authorities be brought to task? So much money has been wasted. I’d say this is not a good job. With so much money spent on road works in the past three Government budgets these scenarios need to be looked at.

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