Vanua has Role to Play in War on Drugs

The vanua has a big role to play in the fight against drugs and we should have pride and take ownership and protect our homes at all times,” says Chief
16 Jan 2018 11:00
Vanua has Role to Play in War on Drugs
Drug raid in Levuka, Yale on January 15, 2018. Photo: Police Media Cell

The vanua has a big role to play in the fight against drugs and we should have pride and take ownership and protect our homes at all times,” says Chief Opera­tions Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu.

“If you don’t want the name of your village or community tarnished then do the right thing and re­port crime or any suspi­cious activity. If someone is living in your community and you don’t know who they are and how they’re earning a living ask ques­tions and don’t let someone into your lives and commu­nities who will do nothing but harm,” he said.

Meanwhile, attacks on Po­lice officers will not be tak­en lightly”, was the stern warning from the ACP Rusiate Tudravu following four attacks on Police offic­ers recorded last week.

The first two reports re­ceived on Saturday at the Raiwaqa Police Station saw a Woman Corporal (W/Cprl) and a Police Constable assaulted in two separate incidents.

The W/Cprl was escorting a victim of assault when she was allegedly assaulted by a 32- year-old man who was intoxicated and in the vicinity of the Raiwaqa Health Centre.

In the second incident a po­lice officer was allegedly as­saulted while attending to a report of youths reported to be loitering and smoking at Falvey Road, Raiwaqa. With the help of another officer the suspect was arrested and taken into custody.

On Sunday a Police Con­stable, who was on the beat at Kimberly Street in Suva, attended to a report of a fight in progress when he was allegedly assaulted by a man who was caught up in the commotion.

And on Saturday a team of 20 Police officers from the Police Special Response Unit based at Eight Miles, Nasinu were deployed to Kadavu within hours of an incident whereby officers were stoned and threatened during a drug raid in Levu­ka, Yale.

A group of officers based at the Vunisea Police Sta­tion were working on in­formation about the illegal cultivation of marijuana, and upon reaching the farm they were pelted with stones and threatened by three men.

One was arrested at the scene while two fled.

Upon receiving the infor­mation on Saturday morn­ing a group of officers from the Police Special Response Unit were deployed on the W.P Yavahuna and the F.P.B Totogo at about 2pm and ar­rived on the island later in the afternoon.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu said the issue of officers being attacked or threatened dur­ing the execution of their duties will not be taken lightly.

He emphasised the fact that the Commissioner of Police will deploy the necessary resources and manpower to ensure those who commit such acts are brought to justice.

“If you want to attack Po­lice officers who are simply doing their work in mak­ing your communities safe, keep in mind that we have the resources and capa­bilities to get to where ever you are whether it is in the Southern, Western, East­ern or Northern Division so you should stand ready to face the consequences of your actions”

A raid was conducted af­terwards whereby close to 1000 plants were seized from the first farm with the team expected to move to the other two farms today.

The team led by the Dep­uty Divisional Police Com­mander South SP Sakeo Ganivatu had to trek up to three hours to reach the mountainous area where the farms are located.

The suspect who is cur­rently under arrest is not from Levuka, Yale and ACP Tudravu says this should serve as a reminder that we should be more alert and aware of those living in our communities.

Information gathered so far indicates that one of the suspects on the run is from Levuka while the other is from Suva.

ACP Tudravu said this is one of the main reasons that the Police works with turaga ni koro because they know those living in their villages and should be alert to how a person is able to make a living.

He has also stressed that people should not be scared about giving information as the Police will be there to protect their identity.

The hunt for the other 2 men continues.

Source: Police Media Release

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