Letters To The Editor, January 17th 2018

ATS March Abendra Ram Tahal, California The ATS march last Saturday in Nadi by the union members, political leaders and some members of the general public seemed to be more
17 Jan 2018 10:38
Letters To The Editor, January 17th 2018

ATS March

Abendra Ram Tahal, California

The ATS march last Saturday in Nadi by the union members, political leaders and some members of the general public seemed to be more of a political showdown than the true cause for the striking grievances of the employees.

The union officials and political leaders like Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai, Lynda Tabuya and Mahendra Chaudhry ignited the problem more then finding a solution for the striking employees.

The political party leaders should not have been allowed to participate in any kind of labor disputes whatsoever under International Labor Organisation laws.

The Commissioner of Police should have advised the marchers on the conditions of the marching permit to restrict political parties and leaders from participating in that capacity.

Also the FICAC should investigate Felix Anthony if there has been any laws broken when he threatened that he will shut down the country by future march permits. Any threat to national security and peace should be thoroughly investigated.

Also the Police Commissioner should not issue any more permits for marching as this ignites the issue which gives the union and some political leaders like Mahendra Chaudhry an opportunity to destabilise the country’s peace for they own political gains.

It would be the in best interest of the ATS employees and management if they both go to Labour Arbitration.

Stoning Police not on

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

I lament the stoning of Police officers in Levuka village, Yale, Kadavu. They are simply doing their job(FS 15/1) protecting communities from people suspected of commiting an offence according to Section 9 (1)(e) of the Constitution.

I’m sure the Police are under authority of the law under section 12(2) of the Constitution.

Politicians’ hidden agenda

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The involvement of our trade unionists from around Fiji, together with failed politicians of the past is an indication that these figures have conveniently ganged up against the Fiji First Party and our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

That was their hidden agenda when participating in last Saturday’s march in Nadi.

The welfare of the ATS workers who are on strike is secondary.

And, I would like to urge all you unionists from the FTUC, FTA, NFU, FCTU, FASA, ATSET to stop riding on the back of these poor unsuspecting Fijian souls on strike.

Can you all put your money where your mouth is and resign from your union positions to join any political party of your choice whether it be FLP, NFP or SODELPA to challenge the ruling party in government?

Please do not run out of steam before this year’s national election only to again subject yourselves to a total overwhelming rejection that resulted in the natural death of both the PDP and the FLP where they absolutely didn’t win a single seat in the  2014 election.

The majority of ordinary Fijians from the remotest of our maritime islands and the interiors of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu together with those from the informal settlements and major squatter settlements could not care less about what is happening at ATS as it is not their business.

They simply do not pay attention to political rhetoric but are grateful to the government of the day for providing and giving them:

access to good health facilities connection to clean drinking water

new bridges and new upgraded roads and drainages

river dredging now being undertaken in different locations

free education grants

bus fares

Tertiary Education Loan Scheme Board for equal access to all our local Fijian tertiary institutions

subsidy on electricity, water, medicine, social welfare and poverty alleviation

investments and job creation

These folk are forever grateful to the availability and easy access to medical facilities and surgeries that are now made available here at home at an affordable price with government subsidies as opposed to the very expensive overseas evacuations for the same treatment and many more.

Our government has prioritised the decentralisation of its services everywhere around the country as dictated  by our 2013 Constitution.

Business for government goes on irrespective of whether there is a strike or no strike, it does not matter and that is the way it should be.

Poor shipping service

Satish Nakched, Suva

Every afternoon the boat trip to Levuka originates from the Suva carrier stand at 1 pm. Passengers are picked up for the drive to Natovi jetty from where passengers  connect by the roll-on roll-off ferry service to Buresala, Ovalau.

The journey terminates at Levuka town and the entire travelling can take up to four hours.

On Monday afternoon 15 January, 2018 there were about 100 passengers patiently waiting for the bus. At the Suva end, the small shelter provided was overflowing with intending travellers with their baggage.

There were a lot of parents with their children who were returning to Ovalau for the start of the new school year.

It was at about 1.30pm when a company representative arrived to announce that the trip was cancelled and quickly disappeared before any further clarification could be sought. Due to the confusion many of the passengers left but some waited until 4pm hoping that the bus would come.

I telephoned the shipping firm’s main office in Suva and, finally after many attempts got through and spoke to the front desk customer service officer.

He told me that on the morning the shipping company had already done two trips to Levuka for the day. That was the most they could do for passengers bound for Levuka.

I then asked him why the shipping company sold tickets to the passengers last week with the reporting time on the ticket as 1 pm.

Some passengers had bought the tickets on the day.

The customer service officer then told me that due to strong winds their ship could not possibly berth at Buresala

This really annoyed  me as I was now getting two different explanations.

I asked the person whether there was any advisory issued through radio broadcast.

Or the passengers informed by phone but my call was transferred to another executive which was never answered.

I then rang their manager who referred me to a female company executive who did not answer the phone either.

This is a very poor customer service provided by the shipping service which has neglected the very people that the company has been servicing for many years.

We do understand that there are risks in any business which may hinder the operation and negatively affect their delivery of service.

But equally important is the timely and the accurate dissemination of the information that must be transparent. There were a lot of the people travelling from the other parts of Fiji via Suva to get to Levuka and were consequently stranded for the night.

It was noted with great disappointment that no company representative came down to check on the welfare of the passengers.

Potholes like lovo pits

Rishaal Kumar, Suva

It takes two hours from Suva just to reach Davuilevu Housing because of road works taking place.The worst bottleneck is  between the 7 Miles bridge and Standard Concrete at the Nausori end during the afternoon rush hour. In my opinion, the road was in a better state then it is now. To make matters worse, there is no light indications or road markings to indicate the condition of the road.

The size of the potholes gives competition to the size of a lovo pit for a meal for 50 people!

It is simply too dangerous for drivers especially during this rainy weather.

What exactly is the FRA doing? When are we going to see better roads in Suva?   

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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