Robbery Victim Warns of Tactic

The victim of a robbery in Nasinu last Friday believes the thieves administered a type of sleeping gas on his family in what could be a new trend in the
23 Jan 2018 13:40
Robbery Victim Warns of Tactic

The victim of a robbery in Nasinu last Friday believes the thieves administered a type of sleeping gas on his family in what could be a new trend in the country.

Leon Lord, a professional photographer, called on every Fijian to be aware that thieves might be acquiring new tools for robberies and other serious crime.

Mr Lord and his family are still asking questions about the incident which occurred in the wee hours of Friday morning (Jan 19), of which they have little recollection.

“We can’t remember going to sleep, that’s the strange thing about it,” Mr Lord said.

He took to social media to raise his concerns and says he did it as a way of creating awareness because of his very real experience.

“It is real. It is happening. People may be making fun about. It’s like it’s from a movie. It was very scary,” Mr Lord said.

“And, to go through it with my pregnant wife, within the security of our own house, we are not very safe.”

He said the intruders entered their home through the back door and ransacked all the rooms.

“They went over us to get to the computer. I am still in shock because for them to enter without us knowing I keep asking myself questions,’’ Mr Lord said.

“What if they picked up my baby and went off? They would not even know how they opened the gate without making noise. They must have really prepared themselves, and they must have been watching us.

His wife and four children were not hurt in the incident.

“We moved in six months ago. I was just trying to work that night, was moving around the house, heard the dog bark and went to check and then closed the door.

“I stay awake at night to work and before 10pm we knocked out somehow.”

He said he woke up the next morning and checked on his four children and pregnant wife.

“I tried to recollect everything, the fact that they crossed over us to get to the stuff and we didn’t feel anything is scary,” Mr Lord said.

“We stayed in the spot we were the previous night and we all could not remember where we were the last time before we knocked out.”

He said his laptop and hard drives were amongst the things taken. These items were part of his life’s work.

“Given the circumstances, where we slept and where we were, I don’t remember going to sleep,” he said.

“I suspect we were drugged or something. We were the eighth break-in for that morning, as the Police officers told us.

“I didn’t mention the gas or being drugged or anything because we were shocked when the Police were interviewing us.”

He said later that morning they felt drowsy and hung over.

“What if it was gas, it woke us up and my children didn’t wake up, I kept asking myself,’’ Mr Lord said.

Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu has urged members of the public to give all the details when giving their statement so they could investigate the matter whether they may think it insignificant or otherwise.

“Let our investigators do their work and verify the information. That’s their job,’’ ACP Tudravu said.

“Don’t withhold information. Share it with others and expect us to look into it as we will work on what you have given us.”

Police spokesperson Ana Nairoso confirmed that there were multiple robberies in Kalabu Housing that same day.

Edited by George Kulamaiwasa


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