Letters To The Editor, January 24th 2018

Above petty politics Senaca Nabutu, Nakasi I applaud Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Minister for Industrial Relations Jone Usamate for maintaining dignity as trade unionists and politicians
24 Jan 2018 14:58
Letters To The Editor, January 24th 2018

Above petty politics

Senaca Nabutu, Nakasi

I applaud Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Minister for Industrial Relations Jone Usamate for maintaining dignity as trade unionists and politicians turned to gutter politics during the entire ATS fiasco.

While the politicians are quick to claim victory for the tribunal decision, it is the victory of Fijian democracy and the judiciary which is above all such petty politics.

The same outcome would have been achieved without the antics of failed politicians who have tried to exploit the situation for their own benefit.

Respect ruling party

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Social media discrimination and false accusations against the ruling party are rather unfortunate.

It’s obvious that those who had it easy during the Rabuka, Chaudhry, and Qarase governments are the very one’s jumping head-over-heels in anger and envy over the ruling party – the FijiFirst Government.

The so-called elites and those fortunate to know the wheelers and dealers of past governments are the very ones hurting, especially now that they are experiencing reality. They are surely missing what they almost had!

It is quite obvious to see how past MPs took advantage of their positions in government. You see it in their immediate family, their friends, their colleagues, in their villages, their towns, and in themselves.

For the first time ever the screws are being tightened gradually to eradicate corrupt and unethical practices that has plagued our development for decades.

For the first time ever we are experiencing wise and sound judgment. For the first time ever every Fijian is being treated equally.

Every country is unique in its own way and every country has to also be managed in its own unique way.

Acceptance of the ruling party is not only necessary but very important for our future.

Showing disrespect to FijiFirst is showing disrespect for the 60 per cent majority of voters. We have an amazing Government in FijiFirst and we need to give our utmost support and respect to what they are ultimately trying to achieve.

You have got to lack perception, sound judgment and awareness not to notice. And you have got to have a low level of intelligence not to understand!

FijiFirst will once gain cruise comfortably through the 2018 elections, so wake up and instead of being a loser, become an improver and an encourager!

You either respect the ruling party and thrive or continue to rebel and strive! Because that’s how long they will reign!


Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

The controversy within the SODELPA Party continues with the booting of Vice-President Vijay Singh due to non-financial membership (FS 23/1).

The stirrings started with the appointment of Lynda Tabuya and the power struggle seems to be continuing.

This grand coalition to take power away is unholy and is not consulted with supporters. Politics is an activity, someone said.

What Victory?

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Waila, Nausori.

What victory were the striking ATS workers and their failed politician supporters celebrating?

Now under the Tribunal ruling, they are allowed to be penalised. I believe under the ATS Management offer, they just have to sign a letter of apology and they were guaranteed no penalty.

The Fiji Sun opinion poll and Tukai Lagonilakeba’s articles sum it up nicely.

Many parts of Fiji that have been provided bridges, road access, outboard motors with boats, running water, electricity in their various villages and settlements, new school buildings, free education, micro business assistance, their first student in the family attending USP or FNU via Government assistance do not give a hoot about this strike.

Why should they give a hoot anyway when the ATSET cannot declare where their $5.2 million has gone and yet arrogantly stated that it is nobody’s business, but their members.

No wonder they are supported by people like Sitiveni Rabuka or Mahendra Chaudhry. They all love to ride that “Kilavata” bus.

You cannot sweep your mess under the carpet and cry foul pretending to be a victim.That justified the 66 per cent approval for Voreqe Bainimarama by those interviewed in the Fiji Sun Opinion poll. It should be well over 75 per cent by election date.

The 2500 marchers in Nadi were mainly supporters of SODELPA, NFP, UFP and FLP who came together from around the country.

Imagine if FijiFirst called for a rally simultaneously in Suva, Labasa and Nadi before election day?

Only then we will see where these celebrating failed politicians truly stand.

I think this is necessary, otherwise they will lodge another complaint crying like spoiled brats after their land-slide defeat in this year’s election. …. It’s coming……….

Hard Work

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

Our PM and A-G have been working very hard and whenever you read any newspapers, one can see the two of them holding meetings or opening buildings.

Please Mr Prime Minister and Mr A-G both of you delegate some of the work to other MPs who can do something. I admire the hard work, but we all are humans.

Dirty Buses

Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani, Nasinu

There are some buses you will regret getting in after being seated. It starts from the driver’s area.

Some drivers are as dirty as hell; rubbish all around from right under his feet to the seat behind him. And to move further inside is a very unpleasant sight.

Drivers should make an effort when dropping off passengers to clean up before loading up passengers again.

Drivers, when not on duty, can take the buses to a quiet area for a nap and not worrying about the cleanliness of the buses first or even make quick checks before going for the next trips.

Bus proprietors should advise their drivers of these issues that would help very much business-wise.

Passengers will only go for clean buses rather than travelling in a bus full of rubbish.

Not only that, some buses are traveling with some seats not secured. Either the cushions are falling off, or the seat itself is shaking because it is not proper welded in or the metal is weak.

These things should all be checked before a new day of work.

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