Model With Passion

Becoming a top model is a journey that begins with passion. A modelling passion helps make the job fun, but also sets the mindset that modelling is a business, which
28 Jan 2018 09:29
Model With Passion
From left: Model Dylan Kava, Model Hanisi Hodger and Model Phillipa Steele

Becoming a top model is a journey that begins with passion.

A modelling passion helps make the job fun, but also sets the mindset that modelling is a business, which in turn, contributes the length of their working life as a model.

This is exactly what the Fashion Council of Fiji through the Fijian Fashion Festival is trying to do with models who will be part of the fashion festival.

The first model call for the Fijian Fashion Festival was a success after more than 100 aspiring models took part in the open model call at the Fiji Museum recently.

Council chairperson Faraz Ali said: “We want every model who comes through the Festival to leave better people than when they started with us.

“The Fashion Council wants to develop these young people to be confident, aware of their brand, and to place value in their name.

“After the launch of the Fijian Fashion Festival by the Fashion Council of Fiji, we have continued to assert that we are focused on trade and business creation for our industry and models are a big part of that as models become brands,” said Mr Ali.

“There has been alot of exposure for models but they have never been taught to commodify their identity, ethically and sustainably through perseverance and how all this can be utilised in their career in the future.”

Dylan Kava’s passion project

For 23-year-old Dylan Kava is modelling is his passion project.

“For me it’s more of an interest and a passion project, mostly because it will help me to do what I want to do and being selected as one out of the many who showed up today is something great,” said Mr Kava.

“I have taken part in Jejemon, Style Fiji 2018, and I had even auditioned for Fiji Fashion Week and now the Fijian Fashion Festival.

“I want to become a model because I want to build my self-confidence, so walking in front of people in clothes that I would normally would not wear generally.

“It’s the journey of putting me in situations where I would not pity myself.

“Not everyone is happy with their body, so when I was growing up I had a lot of insecurities and I want to put myself out there that somebody else can relate to me as body confidence is a big part of my growth.

“My goals are to get into politics and the Fijian Fashion Festival, and the others I have taken part in will help me to get more confident and follow my passion,

“Having confidence gives you an air of authority, so I can be more than I am now and to encourage more males to take part in this industry as the stigma associated with male modelling varies as the industry is vastly female orientated.

“The Fijian Fashion Festival has created a demand for models and it has given us an alternative to the fashion week.

“It has also given us more opportunities to get involved as there aren’t many opportunities for models as the scope is slim.

“The model database that will be created by the Fashion Council will increase model availability and increase our opportunity to the international market.

“The fashion world is diverse and everyone has a different body type, but being confident about yourself is important and it is a learning process.

“The skills you learn through these modelling events and festivals are that it builds confidence and it is contributing to my long term goal as well.”

Hanisi Hodger’s hobby.

Meet 21-year-old Hanisi Hodge, for her modelling is a hobby.

“I started modelling as a confidence builder and I think it’s really fun,” said Ms Hodge.

“I went modelling camp when I lived in the States, and my mum wanted me to go into modelling but I was just so shy.

“Putting yourself out there is something that a certain type of guts that’s why i did that.

“The Fijian Fashion Festival is much organised and it looks wonderful at this stage, I am so excited to see the designs they will put on the runway as they are working with very talented designers.

“I think that the only limitations are in our minds and these are very creative people.

“I have studied marketing and I have also studied marketing, so advertising is also necessary for good businesses.

“People feel like they have to look a certain way to be a model, but you don’t as there are people of all shapes, sizes, colours, backgrounds and ages can be models.

“You don’t have to fit the stereotypical beauty to be a model, so if you want to model or anything just do it, don’t hold back your passion.

“Out of the 100 plus models that turned up to the auditions the excitement and diversity was clear, as the purpose of the Fijian Fashion Festival was to be inclusive.

“The diversity that the fashion festival is catering for is commendable and I hope that people appreciate the work of the designers.”

Phillipa Steele goes international

Philippa Steele 21, who is the model co-ordinator for the Fijian Fashion Festival, hails from Kulukulu village in Nadroga, Sigatoka.

“Being the third oldest of the seven kids, and I represent Fiji in the international fashion market for which I go to Paris, New York and Milan, in Barcelona, Sydney for modelling assignments,” said Ms Philippa Steele

“The Fashion Festival is a great initiative and all that they are willing to do for the models and the designers is great.

“Growing up with five brothers, pushed my mum to put me into pageants and to wearing more dresses as I would be out playing rugby with the boys.”

Scouted by the Trump Model Management, during one of the modelling auditions, where she was offered a contract and she has been with them for the past four years.


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