Lawyer Wins Praise For Saving Woman From Violent Man

Human rights lawyer Sabrina Iqbal Khan has been praised for standing up to a violent man. Her bravery has galvanized many people who condemn violence against women and children. Her
29 Jan 2018 11:46
Lawyer Wins Praise For Saving Woman From Violent Man
Sabrina Iqbal Khan in her office yesterday in Lautoka. Photo: Lusi Banuve

Human rights lawyer Sabrina Iqbal Khan has been praised for standing up to a violent man.

Her bravery has galvanized many people who condemn violence against women and children.

Her story about saving a woman from a violent ex-partner which appeared on Page 5 of the Fiji Sun on Saturday, was the highest trending story online.

Ms Khan is humble about the overwhelming public response.

Yesterday, Ms Khan, a victim of sexual abuse herself, shared  her experiences and explained why she was so passionate about her advocacy against violence and abuse against women and children.

She said victims, be it physical, emotional or sexual were champions and survivors in their own right.

“Silence on these issues is no longer an option,” she said.

“I was a little girl when I was sexually abused – by someone I trusted. No one knew. I carried it alone because I was a child and fear gripped me.”

“It was only later that my dad finally found out and it brought out the lion in him. He taught me to stand up to do the right thing for my rights and not to accept abusive behaviour from anyone,” she said.

Ms Khan said what she went through was something no child or person for that matter should go through.

“It was traumatic and it was horrible. To have someone you know so well violate you and your trust. And I was only a little girl at the time.”

“When I fight those cases now I do with passion and from my heart because I know what it feels like and my heart breaks for the survivors of these crimes.”

Negative criticism didn’t deter the feisty young woman from working hard.

“I had people, in the community around me, that discounted me. I had people say that I wouldn’t amount to anything. I had people look down on me. But with the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, a strong and willing heart, I rose above the challenges.”

A staunch Christian, Ms Khan is the daughter of renowned Lautoka lawyer Iqbal Khan.

“These crimes, this devastation of moral standards in our society in Fiji today has to be stopped. This is the work of the Devil. People of Fiji need to be reminded that they are children of the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“They are overcomers, but the breakthrough can only happen when everyone in this country realises that Jesus is Lord and that He needs to be placed in His rightful place – in our hearts.”

She is passionate about her faith and her work as a lawyer.

“I just wish people could know the peace, the contentment and the joy I have from knowing Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour.”

She testifies that it was her relationship with her God that brought about complete healing to what she had been through.

She said becoming the successful lawyer that she is today has not been an easy task.

“I put myself through Law school. I first did Politics and then Law. I didn’t accept the monetary support from my parents because I wanted to experience the challenges that come with pursuing something like that. I washed dishes in restaurants, cleaned the toilets at the city council facilities because I was determined to pursue this dream and know that I worked hard for it.”

She later went on to train in martial arts, wrote a book, designed fashion in the Middle East and helped rescue children from sexual exploitation in Cambodia and Thailand.

She shared this with Fiji Sun in the hope that it would inspire other women to live a fulfilling life knowing that anything is possible with the right attitude and belief system.

She has urged those who may be in similar situations as she was in, or in an abusive relationship to contact her at her Lautoka office.

“If you’re reading this and want help, please call me. I want to help you. I’m not here to judge, but I’m here to listen and to offer you a helping hand. My number is 6650162.”

Edited by Nemani Delaibatiki


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