Letters To The Editor, 04th February 2018

Racist comments Edwin Sandys, Suva We have heard so many racist remarks against Muslims and, it is shameful. Most of the comments are not proven facts and it is very
04 Feb 2018 12:24
Letters To The Editor, 04th February 2018

Racist comments

Edwin Sandys, Suva

We have heard so many racist remarks against Muslims and, it is shameful.

Most of the comments are not proven facts and it is very disturbing to a multi-racial country like Fiji.

Come on Fiji, wake up.

Simple health rules

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

It is great to read that strategies to enhance medical service delivery in Fiji this year were discussed by senior national health managers during a meeting in Suva on Thursday. (FS 2/7).

While opening the meeting, Minister for health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar said there was a need to take health services in Fiji to a new level.

With all due respect to our Minister for Health and Medical Services and health managers, I believe the focus should not only lean heavily on patient service delivery but equal or more emphasis should be driven home on the prevention before cure.

Our national NCDs statistics keeps rising every year, which means Fijians are not being taught simple health rules to follow or we just don’t care, relying on our health system to look after us when we become a statistic.

I believe that if every household in Fiji is taught the simple health rules contained in the abbreviation: NEWSTART and take steps towards changing their lifestyles by following it, Fiji will become the health nation of the Pacific.

Fijians must add nutrients to their bodies with plant-based foods, exercise daily, drink a lot of water, work or walk in the sunshine, be temperate in all things, take deep breaths of fresh air, have adequate rest and sleep and trust in God.

Pour more funding and energy in teaching the nation to follow these simple health rules and a healthy lifestyle from childhood.

All the woes we are currently facing in trying to enhance service delivery to a plagued nation will be normalised.

Insurance premiums

Neelz Singh, Lami

Car insurance rates have skyrocketed in Fiji as the number of vehicles on our roads has increased.

Insurance companies around Fiji have increased their premiums every year compared to 2016 and year ending of 2017.

Fijians are driving more and getting more and more into accidents.

They’re paying the price with rising car insurance rates.

Workers’ rights

Susana Tuisawau, Suva

The various changes made regarding the working conditions of teachers of Fiji since the change of government in 2006  to  the changes made by the then Minister for Education after the last elections and now to the current  Minister for Education , are a violation of internationally recognised and International Labour Organisation-sanctioned workers’ rights and basic human rights.

The very simple rule of thumb is that if a new working condition  is not in the collective agreement which had been duly negotiated and agreed to and signed and sealed by the two parties-employer and employee and signed by government, it is not on as it has not gone through the legitimate process!

Any new change to teachers’ working conditions, for example for those in the primary and secondary schools i.e. to their standing collective agreement which had been documented under the General Orders; should have first gone through the proper process.

This constitutes the tabling of a Log of Claims; collective bargaining and jointly approved, fair negotiations conditions with the legitimate unions representing the teachers.

Most importantly, any new change can only be introduced after this process and only, after the workers  agree; meaning, those workers whose livelihood would be affected by the change. (Through, their union representatives who normally would  consult with members).

This has always been the rule of the game and good industrial relations as this would always ensure healthy working relations and productivity.

Savusavu grog on a tap

Shariff Shah, Savusavu

You must have heard beer on tap.

In Savusavu it’s grog on the tap.

To Wise, Allen and Sukha, please come to Savusavu.

I won’t invite Simon since he has had enough.

The grog is ready mixed and available 24/7 on tap.

No treatment.

It’s pure.

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