Letters To The Editor 6th February 2018

A-G, the man Dorine Narayan, Suva I share Axel Mehling’s thoughts on the above subject ( Letters Fiji Sun, Feb 2). Yes, our A-G indeed knows what he is talking
06 Feb 2018 11:00
Letters To The Editor 6th February 2018
Letters To the Editor

A-G, the man

Dorine Narayan, Suva

I share Axel Mehling’s thoughts on the above subject ( Letters Fiji Sun, Feb 2). Yes, our A-G indeed knows what he is talking about when he is expressing himself.

What I admire the most is how he breaks complex issues into a very simple language for a common person’s understanding because sometimes it is really difficult to get what the politicians are saying.

His choice of words, facial expression and delivery of words with the right tone all connects us to what he is talking about.

So Vinaka, A-G .You get people’s attention every time you face the media.

NFP candidate

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Newly-appointed National Federation Party (NFP) member Lenora Qereqeretabua stated that the reason she is going into politics is because of the way the country is currently being run. She went on further to say that it’s time to “walk the talk”.

A rather inconsiderate and unjustified thing to say considering the great things this administration is doing for the common people of this nation.

Can the candidate please explain in detail how she sees the current administration being run? And while at it, can she also explain how past administrations ran the country?

If there is one administration that “walks the talk”, it is this current one.

Everything becomes different when you get into politics and speaking too soon in such a manner can be detrimental to one’s political career.

Welcome to politics Lenora, you’ve misdiagnosed your first political comments! You are now responsible for whatever you say and not for what you understand!

For someone as nice as you, it would have been better for you to keep out of it!

‘Not Ordinary People’

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

“Not ordinary people” was the description by the National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad and Party President Pio Tikoduadua in describing their 31 candidates for the general elections this year.

The voting public, depending on their understanding of the English language, may have a different interpretation for the statement “not ordinary people.”

It could be viewed as: These candidates were once ordinary or normal just like us, but now have achieved a better life, that they are not ordinary anymore and therefore they are better qualified to lead us.

I believe that Fijians are looking for “ordinary people” to lead them, people who feel the suffering and pain and the struggles of life that ordinary Fijians experience daily, to be their mouthpiece in Parliament and the next Government.

When you are already “not ordinary” and you start mixing around with other leaders and top brass, having five- course dinners, traveling first class and sleeping in five- star hotels, the tendency to put self first becomes priority and those who voted you in move down the ladder.

Sweet victory

M S Kaleca, Nakasi

Vinaka vakalevu boys for bringing joy and smiles to your fans in Fiji and abroad.  What a sweet victory it was and may God continue to use and bless you all.

10 cents a head

A. Shariff Shah, Savusavu

What a victory for Fiji 7s!

Our hearts are filled with pride and tears rolled  from our eyes.

What we could not express in words was expressed by tears of joy and patriotism.

Everyone I met today is over the moon with this victory. It’s the only game that unites the nation.

Players have cried for freedom, to be given space away from critics, they have put smiles on our faces by putting their bodies on the line.

They have made us feel that we belong to Fiji and Fiji belongs to us.

What are we giving them in return?

The current population in this country is just over 800,000.  If everybody is levied 10 cents, that will be just a beginning of the many great things to offer to these players.

A job well done

Pranil Ram, Nadi

Congratulations to Baber and the boys. A job well done. I believe Baber has injected a new sense of belief in our boys which is never say die.

Coming from behind in the three matches and winning is surely an amazing feat. I also believe fans played a big part and were the x-factor for the team.

Now where are those who were critical of Baber and the team?

Sometimes it is too early to jump on the bandwagon and start counting the chickens before they hatch.

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