Letters To The Editor, February 9th 2018

SODELPA silence Senaca Nabutu, Davuilevu I saw that doctored video posted by SODELPA’s Mosese Bulitavu. What has SODELPA management done about it? A big fat nothing! If someone from FijiFirst
09 Feb 2018 18:24
Letters To The Editor, February 9th 2018
Richard Naidu. Photo: From File

SODELPA silence

Senaca Nabutu, Davuilevu

I saw that doctored video posted by SODELPA’s Mosese Bulitavu. What has SODELPA management done about it? A big fat nothing!

If someone from FijiFirst had done something like this, I can guarantee that Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum would not have thought twice before disciplining that person. We need more leaders like them who can call a spade a spade.

Richard Naidu’s comments

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

It is rather childish for Richard Naidu to tweet that the recent temple vandalism is scaring Indo-Fijians back into the arms of FijiFirst!

His comments confirms that he is totally out of date and out of touch with the ordinary people of this nation.

Get out and talk to the people of lower status than yourself, Richard, and you will learn very fast that there is not a need for such an act for anyone to vote for FijiFirst.

It’s amazing how some people are so out of touch with reality on the ground!

I guess they are too High up to notice!

Direct bus trip to USP

Pramesh Naidu, Suva

I wish to express my concern on the need to have a bus trip from Samabula to the University of the South Pacific (USP), which should be a one bus journey.

Classes at universities have started and students having to move to Suva have to look for a good and affordable accommodation.

On top of that if you are attending USP and live in Samabula with either a relative or is renting, he or she will need to catch two buses to reach USP. The 15-minute ride turns to fifty minutes.

Another reason for a need of a direct bus trip is because of the large number of growing facilities in the Laucala area. Reaching there is time consuming and a hassle.

I believe the relevant authorities should not only look at the above mentioned trip, but also do a review of all existing bus trips due to the movement of people.

The census report is now being made available, which should make the job of authorities to analyse the need for new and the review of existing bus trips.

Hoping to see some consideration.

Sevens magic!

Norman Yee, Nadi

Well done!

We’ve got our “Moji” back in Hamilton! Such exhilarating magic!

Our dear captain’s explanations partly explained the loss in Sydney. Our sympathies to him. I believe the fans’ criticisms also played a part in the comeback. We were all hurting, the fans, the players and the coach himself too. I remembered the strong words given by Ratu Peni when we did poorly in one of the games. That worked!

Please coach, don’t bring in more new players because the team, by now, has clicked. I am not in favour of getting Oscar to play in USA. Why spoil a good combination? No need for ‘Ice’ or any one else to step in.

Awaiting the next game with great anticipation. Go Fiji, go!

Missing persons

Joan McGoon, Martintar

So many people go missing in Fiji.

Some are found and some are never to be heard from again. Then, there are those who ‘deliberately’ go missing with family, friends and the community thrown into panic mode.

Good thing our Police Force is on top of things with their Scotland Yard training. When London falls, Scotland Yard springs into action. When Fiji falls, our Police Force saves the day.

Besides our 7s team. Vinaka boys!

Australian rugby

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

The Fijian drua was given the opportunity to compete in the Australian National Rugby Championship.

This week we will see the Fiji Airways Fijian Giants take part in the newly created Brisbane global rugby 10s, hosted by the Queensland Rugby Union.

We the rugby fans of Fiji would like to show our appreciation by saying “Vinaka” Australian rugby for your genuine support

Election fever

Lawrence H Narayan, Suva

The Bible teaches us in Romans 13, “All of you must obey those who rule over you. There are no authorities except the ones God has chosen. Those who now rule have been chosen by God. So whoever opposes the authorities opposes leaders whom God has appointed. Those who do that will be judged…The ruler punishes anyone who does wrong. You must obey the authorities….”

As the day draws closer to the election date, many ambitious men and women will be seen in different political camps hoping to get into parliament in the pretext of making Fiji a better place.

More so, some candidates who publically profess to the Christian faith will increasingly become anti-Christian both in tone and their political campaigns to convince voters to support their side.

Many of them would instil fear at the prospect of what would happen if their opponent wins.    

The truth of the matter is that no Christian can ever make this world a better place through politics, this work belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ (Rev 11:15). Besides, genuine followers of the Lord Jesus Christ will stay clear from politics because their main mission commanded by God is to preach and teach about the Kingdom of God.

Christians should have no other agenda more important than this in their lives, but the choice is really theirs whether they serve God faithfully in their calling or serve their own financially driven self interest as we have witnessed so many times in the past.

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