Letters To The Editor, 11th February 2018

Breeding ground Gyan Prasad,  Nasinu There is a large parcel of land at the junction of Ratu Dovi Road and 7 miles, Kings Rd, opposite the new Nasinu Market, which
11 Feb 2018 16:58
Letters To The Editor, 11th February 2018

Breeding ground

Gyan Prasad,  Nasinu

There is a large parcel of land at the junction of Ratu Dovi Road and 7 miles, Kings Rd, opposite the new Nasinu Market, which is under construction.

That land is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and will contribute to the rising dengue fever epidemic following the end of rainy season. It is about time the Ministry of Environment or Ministry of Health & Medical Services send out a notice to the owners to clear that piece of bush right smack in the middle of a residential zone.

There are other similar vacant land around the country and many are not maintained by the owners. This lack of maintenance (cutting grass, clearing of drains etc) leads to blocked drains, flooding and eventually mosquito breeding sites. Many of these places are used for illegal activities as well.

Why don’t we start charging the owners now for breaching environmental regulations?

Unifying factor

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

I truly believe that Fiji is the most beautiful place on the earth, even though I may sound biased.

When you combine the natural beauty of Fiji with the friendliness of the Fijian people and the flamboyant 7s team we truly have been blessed to be in this wonderful country.

So when someone says “7s does not matter” I must respectfully disagree. It absolutely matters and here’s why. It is the beat of unity brought together by a shared love for this simple game.

The power that the game of 7s has is uniting people, not only locally, but globally as well. It has the power to inspire and unite people in a way that nothing else can.

The miracle off-loads and smashing tackles gives us goose pumps. Those moments make every tear drop worthwhile. The sense of passion, the buzz and the excitement in sevens brings people together across race, religion gender, sexual orientation and different political affiliations.

Yes, the game of 7s indeed belongs to Fiji; it is the clear champion of our nation.

7s critics

Shariff Shah,  Savusavu

Whenever our team loses, we blame the coach. Whenever it wins we forget the coach.

Welcome to Fiji Baber.  I certainly won’t want to apply for your job, if advertised. What a job!

Valentine’s Day

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

It’s that time of the year when love is in the air again.

The red hearts and baby angel with a bow and arrow can be seen in many shops around towns and cities. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. There is increasing pressure to prove ones love to the other. Meanwhile, after watching a Valentine’s movie, which comes out every year, I have decided not to watch future ones as the movie had depicted abuse and disrespect for women.

In the meantime, do enjoy the weekend in this cool weather, the comfort and warmth of a loved one. Just don’t forget to use that favourite line – I love you – during the weekend as it means a lot in relationships.

Consumer rights

Narayan Reddy,  Lautoka

After reading Wise Muavono and the Consumer Council’s letter regarding the balance from the E-ticket disposable cards, I believe a can of worms has just been opened.

Why is the balance from the E-ticket disposable cards being sent to the ICT development fund created by the State?

The remaining balance belongs to the owner of the card and if the owner of the card is not consulted before the money is sent to the ICT development fund then I believe this is stealing. In simple terms someone is stealing that balance.

Premila Kumar should fight for the consumers, like she used to do!

Civil rights

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

I am glad that the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner has been invited by the Indonesian government to visit West Papua amidst allegations of restricted civil rights.

The findings should clear the air for the country.

Government tax

Amrit Singh,  Nausori

Recently, I went to watch a movie at the cinemas in Suva.

Like always, I would buy the ticket and throw the receipt in the rubbish bin, which reads ‘Feed me more’.

This time, something stopped me and I had a glance at the receipt given by the ticket cashier.

A $7 ticket was fine but wait, $4.20 is the tax that individuals pay each time on an adult ticket. $2.80 goes to the cinema owners while the other $4.20 is Government tax. Our nation is small, but not all movie goers are rich. $4.20 for tax? Why?

Maybe this is why piracy happens. Can someone explain to me why there is a $4.20 tax on this? Isn’t it too much?

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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