Letters To The Editor, 13th February 2018

Causes of road accidents Spencer Robinson, Suva The ever increasing vehicle accidents on our roads and the rise in related mortality rates raises the question of what the root causes
13 Feb 2018 13:00
Letters To The Editor, 13th February 2018
Letters To The Editor

Causes of road accidents

Spencer Robinson, Suva

The ever increasing vehicle accidents on our roads and the rise in related mortality rates raises the question of what the root causes are? It was interesting to hear of the various views and arguments over a kava session with friends a few days ago.

The majority of my colleagues argued that at the end of the day it is the driver of the vehicle who must abide by the road safety rules and who is responsible for the safety of the passengers and the vehicle. This group brushed aside the perception that ‘hybrid vehicles’ is the cause of most road accidents because of its quality among other things.

On the contrary, the opposing group argued that a holistic approach must be taken when researching into the core causes for vehicle accidents because to single out drivers as the cause is an unfair reasoning which is inadmissible.

This group maintained that the quality of the vehicle must be looked at as well. A faulty machine would definitely not operate properly, hence, it would fail or break down.

The other group further explained that the driver is responsible in ensuring that pre-operational safety checks are followed. In response, the opposing group mentioned the possibility of a vehicle becoming faulty when in motion as compared to being non-operational.

In contrast, the other group simply said that no vehicle manufacturers in the world would assemble and produce a vehicle that is faulty especially when it has to undergo ‘quality control and assurance’ before it is sold in the market.

According to internet research, the leading causes of vehicle accidents globally was ‘distracted driving’ followed by ‘drunk driving’ and ‘speeding.’ In this three causes it is easily identifiable that the ‘human’ factor is involved indicating that the ‘driver’ is the culprit in this case. However, in one research, ‘design defects’ was listed as a cause for vehicle accidents which was listed in the top 10. It indicated that “no product is ever made perfectly”, and cars are no different. Automobiles have hundreds of parts, and any of those defective parts can cause a serious car accident.

Many automakers have had problems with design defects in the past, including Ford Explorer rollover accidents and Toyota’s unintended acceleration crashes.

Indeed this topic of interest from this kava session continues to be a debatable one.

The causes of vehicle accidents are therefore logically looked at on ‘a case by case basis.’

Regardless, it is important that motorists, passengers, pedestrians, vehicle manufacturers and relevant authorities be prudent and play their part to prevent vehicle accidents to make our roads safer and decrease the number of road fatalities.


Selling of metered parking space

John Brown, Lautoka

It looks like some businessmen are buying public (metered parking) space around Lautoka city.

First it was a supermarket at the end of Namoli Avenue then another bought all the metered car parks along Narara Parade and last week the hardware company got all the parking space near Tukani Street. Since when has the Lautoka City Council started to sell parking space?

I was of the view that all new buildings should have parking space for its customers.

Last week  I saw cars parked along the trainline and some were parked at the carnival grounds. Lautoka already have a big parking problem and the city council decides to sell more to business-houses.

For argument’s  sake can any ratepayer rent his own personal parking space anywhere around the city? Very soon people will park at parks and Churchill park ground if the city council continues to sell parking space.

By the way, who is authorising all the car park sale? The CEO of Lautoka City Council and the Local Government minister; can you please reply?


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