Letters to the Editor, 19th February, 2018

Road workers Amrit Singh, Naselai Bau Road, Nausori So many people criticise the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) and their contractors’ workers for being sluggish and not following proper road rules
19 Feb 2018 12:31
Letters to the Editor, 19th February, 2018

Road workers

Amrit Singh, Naselai Bau Road, Nausori

So many people criticise the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) and their contractors’ workers for being sluggish and not following proper road rules while building roads, but I would like to thank them for their hardwork and commitment.

Each day a worker wakes up greets his family and after breakfast or dinner says goodbye to his wife and kids.

He/She ends up with other colleagues on a road construction site which is dusty, signalling traffic on a hot sunny or during rainy nights.

The road workers could have got any other job in Fiji but they have faith and his hardworking ethic drives him through at work.

People sitting in fancy offices and with full AC system are the ones always complaining about this and that.

Be mindful of those road workers.

They face hot battering sun for 8 hours a day but still the next day they are ready to go to work happily.

Those working at night are in cold and rain.

These workers get sun burns and torn skins but they don’t show fatigue.

Then why are the riches of our nation complaining about traffic jam?

Look at our roads now it’s so much better and wider. It’s the hardwork put in by the road workers.

They are unsung heroes because they get their heads baked daily in sun and at night by cold.

Thank you all FRA road workers, you all are super humans because those people who complain wouldn’t last an hour in that hot sun.

Also working in the morning in cooler temperatures is good but people don’t understand.

Those that complain should be given a shovel at mid days hot scorching sun. Anyone for shovel to work on roads?

Evils of misinformation

Arvind Mani , Nadi

“Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it,” wrote Jonathan Swift more than 300 years ago.

What would he have said in the age of Twitter? 

Unfortunately, many Fijians get their news from the social media which, more often than not, publish blatant falsehoods – and truth is the victim. 

Thankfully, our PM has been very proactive in denouncing these lies.

A sobering paper published in the US – Strategic Studies Quarterly – explains how propagandists manipulate social media in their cyber wars.

Hostile forces, employing automated bots, leverage the blind spots and biases of unwitting Fijians to help them send falsehoods flying to spread division and demoralisation.

Figuring out how to fight back, in a free society of open communication, is the most urgent national security challenge we face.

So far, we are losing. And should we fail; the future will belong to those that protect their virtual borders by controlling internet access.

In the paper, “Commanding the Trend: Social Media as Information Warfare,” Lt. Col. Jarred Prier examines strategies and tactics used to seize command of trending topics on Twitter and, to a lesser degree, Facebook.

By hijacking these algorithms, enemy agents and their armies of bots inflame tension and erode trust across Fijian society.

Prier wraps up his paper by calling on social media companies, political leaders and journalists to come to the aid of the country.

Twitter, he notes, faces a particular quandary because bot networks and the trending-topic feature — two key weapons in the enemy’s arsenal — are both integral to the company’s business model.

Advertisers love Twitter bots, while the trending algorithm lends an air of urgency and authority that the platform would otherwise lack.

Why can’t journalists go straight to work curbing our “overreliance on social media for breaking news,” as Prier puts it? Reporters should treat every tweet with skepticism and demand real-world confirmation of tweeted “news” before sharing it.

What we need from politicians is sufficient leadership to raise the issue of cyber defense above the muck of partisan advantage.

It is up to this generation of Fijians — every woman, man and child — to show that our government can survive the digital revolution. To educate ourselves in the use and abuse of personal tools of mass communication, and to employ these tools without stoking social division.

We are being tested. Evil and disruptive forces are already taking the other path, protecting them anonymously by controlling digital access.

Rubbish piles

Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani, Nasinu

Take a drive down Nepani Road and you’ll notice  there is a pile of everything from refrigerator, washing machine, TVs all piling up to building a rubbish dump.

It has been there for weeks.

Does the Nasinu Municipal officers make rounds or are just seated in the office and wait for complaints to come in?

It was very surprising when this column alerted them of the piles of rubbish during the festive season, which was cleared but they never came again.

I believe we should by now have municipal elections as the current system does not seem to be working. If there were representative from this area they could voice the concern on behalf of the ratepayers.

The rubbish pickers should have noticed these piles of rubbish a long time ago.

Business grant

Dharmendra Kumar , Suva

The continued growth of small business is essential to sustain over- all economic development.

However, the growth of small business has been historically impeded because of their difficulty in accessing finances from the formal lending sectors.

The scarcity of available funds financing small business is a major hindrance.

It is encouraging to read about how successful the government’s initiative of Small and Micro Business Grant is.

Most countries consider SME’s as the backbone of its economy.

Their economic importance cannot therefore be overstated.

It is very important that recipients get a free mentoring package and a 6 monthly evaluation must be done to determine its viability and to further improve this scheme.

SME’s deserve a big Vinaka

Savusavu soccer

A.  Shariff Shah , Savusavu

There has not been any organised club soccer in Savusavu for the past 15 years. Fiji FA are you aware of this.

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