Letters To The Editor, 21st February 2018

Basic needs of life! Herleen Emily, Nadi We humans often have an undermining thought that clothes, shelter and land are our basic needs of life. It is sometimes sad to
21 Feb 2018 15:09
Letters To The Editor, 21st February 2018

Basic needs of life!

Herleen Emily, Nadi

We humans often have an undermining thought that clothes, shelter and land are our basic needs of life.

It is sometimes sad to see people advocate and help give out clothes, housing (shelter), etc to the needy for survival.

However, to date, people do not understand what are the basic human needs of life? And these are access to clean air, sanitation, clean drinking water, a forest free of pollution and many more in the list.

When our forests are healthy, our future will be healthier!

Today, if the world starts to understand the importance of having these needs in human lives, shelter, clothes and land will automatically be available to us.

We see many activists around us advocating on poverty, but there are fewer people creating awareness on having access to clean air, sanitation and water.

If voices could be used in these needs, the world will only become a better place to breath in.

In order for us humans to have healthy living on earth, our ecological environment needs to become healthier.

And as the population of the world is increasing day by day, access to clean water is important.

Today, I wish to pose a question to the people reading this article, what will we gain by eradicating poverty when we do not have access to the essential needs of human life?


Police wanted list

Keshwan Nadan , Nasinu

I have been buying the Fiji Sun for years and it’s really sad to see the ‘Wanted List’ has increased from a quarter page to two whole pages.

Are this advertising for decoration or are the authorities concerned taking action to catch and bring them to justice?

We expect to see a decrease on the wanted list.

Wanted list

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The Fiji Sun, every week, publishes names and photos of Fijians wanted by the Fiji Police Force.

These Fijians have relatives and friends all over the country but it seems they are not cooperating in assisting our Police in reporting and apprehending these wanted men and women.

It is Fijian nature that we are judgmental and are quick to criticise when the Police does not serve our agenda.

They need the assistance of the public in every aspect of their work to make our country safer, but it seems we still have not learned our lessons in that the harbouring of prisoners or those wanted by Police is an offence and it carries a jail sentence.

I would like to urge, ask and beg all relatives and associates of these wanted Fijians to be proactive and go to the nearest Police station to report on them, if you are aware of their whereabouts, or call the toll free line 919.

Toso Viti! And I firmly believe that you will be rewarded if one will help Police with the information that will lead to the arrest of these wanted people.

Election candidates

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

It would be interesting to find out if all the candidates contesting the general election have compliance with tax issues.

I am sure some eyes would open when the findings are made public.

Overlooked city

Damodaran Nadan, Lautoka

To make Nadi look like a city the authorities are working hard to change the face of Nadi.

However, in the process I think they are overlooking the second city because it’s sad to see that Lautoka doesn’t look like a city with little developments taking place compared to Nadi.

Even some of the buildings have visible algae on it, which I think the Lautoka City Council should look into.

I think the business community should wake up to this and take the lead to make Lautoka look like a city.

May I also suggest that the Fiji Roads Authority put up a traffic light on high poles similar to the one at the Samabula intersection because it will help ease the traffic flow and give the city a facelift.

Aavishkar Academy

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

I would like to express my appreciation towards the Aavishkar Academy of Performance of Arts for bringing in their talents and knowledge about the “Gujarat” India to our beloved shores.

The show at Girmit Centre on Sunday, February 18, was simply fabulous and ecstatic.

Sitting in the comfort of our chairs, we could enjoy the performance by those wonderful artists and dancers.

Not just the performance but the explanations behind each item/songs. They gave it the real meaning of performing arts and its relevance.

I would like to thank the Indian High Commisioner to Fiji Vishva Sapkal for bringing in this group to Fiji.

Your presence at the event was highly appreciated. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule.

To the organisers and each and every performer, you did a marvellous job.

A good performance which was free of charge. Just a request to the relevant authorites of Girmit Centre – can you please install some fans or air conditioning!

Once again thanks to the organisers of the Aavishkar Academy.

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